monday 18/05/2015

My cards
kazayan 28k
konrad 33k
la bestia 17k
clive 14k
buddy 12k
boden power 19k
ratanah 37k
3 x oscar 0 exp 7k/e
saki 21k
stacey 15k
lumber jack 9k
randal 5k
all of my cards are full xp unless otherwise stated smiley
i am looking for
chell full xp 13k
yayoi cr full xp 74k
nanook full 18k
all prices are negotiable please pm or post here if interested thanks have a good day UR smiley

Oh gosh, I just realized that I made a typo... Sorry for that. I meant 40k ofc, sorry once againsmiley

I'm looking lots 0XP of the following cards:

Sue --- 1300 c / u
Dr Norton --- 2000 c / u
Proffer Man --- 1200 c / u

I have Kawamashi Cr 0XP to make the change with respect to what I value is depending on how is the market at the time of the change, at this point the price is very changeable there are 5 0XP between 11000-12000 and the rest is 18000 so I think would be fair about 14500.
To do business post here or PM

Sorry wrong section

Not interested in ambrose cr sorry.

Price of your cards and price of what do search ?

sunday 17/05/2015

Like said in the title, I'm searching a Splata cr full xp or not is the same ( 970.000 clintz)and I offer:
Kerozinn cr full xp ( 770.000 clintz)+
100.000 clintz+

Sorry for my English.
Contact me if interested smiley

I trade my sigmund cr 0xp 600k for 50 havok 0xp

I pay 3,5k each

I got :

General Cr
Sum Sam Cr 0xp
Smokey Cr


French forum if you're interested . smiley

Hi..tell me some of your big cards and i say what i can.offer

Hi, im looking for sell or trade my lots:

▬ 2.000 Mikaal 0xp: 12K/t
▬ 300 Ayah 0xp: 10K/t
▬ 2.000 Bankee 0xp: 2,4K/t
▬ 2.102 Brampah 0xp 250c/t
▬ 400 Haaken 0xp: 7,5K/t
▬ 168 Thorpah 0xp: 7,8K/t
▬ 1.341 Tihmpah 0xp: 350c/t
▬ 5 Samantha 0xp: 240c/t
▬ 4 Nympheea 0xp: 1,4K/t
▬ 170 boby 0xp: 500c/t
▬ 19 Seth 0xp: 470c/t
▬ 43 Ielena 0xp: 13,5K/t

I accept:


Kalindra Cr (185K), Edd Cr (38K) ....

Cards: I up price for lots

-Sah Brinak 0xp (12K)
-Dieter 0xp (550c)
-Estalt 0xp (1,9K)
-Pericles 0xp (75K)
-Kazayan 0xp (28K)
And im also looking for elo banned characters.

thanks smiley

saturday 16/05/2015

Sorry, Tessa Cr + 400k smiley
PM me for faster responses smiley

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