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saturday 14/10/2006

The bathroom knows the truth!

The great deppresion is coming, so many people are playing, and so much money is being circulated, that prices are dropping! the outcome is inevitable... the value of a clint is dropping!

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Lol good one MisterMoo

You're a good player that is looking for a strong guild? Than join KO Fighters Club and we can help you to become a very good player

Hello has all veiled has what summarizes the guild for any information thank you to mark them here.

Hello has all and welcome in the guild of the "Cavalry royal"! This guild is rather EvO, it organizes tournaments, biddings, sales, purchase, donnations, and the activity of the forum of guild

friday 13/10/2006

Sorry about not putting the link for the guild i forgot. but here it is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=2541

And i welcome anybody to join it.

Does anybody want to join my new guild. its called the priory of sion and i welcome anybody to joinsmiley

If you can't sell on the market, then the clintz pack. If you get a character pack and end up with cards you don't need, you're stuck with them. Selling them to kate gets you next to nothing. With the clintz pack, you get cash and use it to buy exactly the cards you want.

A player said me in french something about blacklist. I don't speak french and he (or she) don't speak english. I don't even know what it happened

Sorry but the rule is the same for everyone. Pack starts at 2 euros wich is not expensive (we think) considering the time you spend on the

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Ya dude......
it isnt the way u think by buyin in shop.....
u hav to buy credits!!
cos of that onli i am still like an rookie here without good cards......

The way you join the guild, is by searching my name, and then click my guild and postulate, then i will accept u

I can do it........
if u can pay............

We are looking for anyone wishing to come join with us.. all welcome.. I hope to see you soon.smileysmileysmiley

wednesday 11/10/2006

monday 09/10/2006

Oh, and how about Gertrud?

Yes, Arshner didn't said he isn't

But I am not sure if that is the ability.

sunday 08/10/2006

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