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tuesday 31/10/2006

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Well im in knights of the round table under the american flag i think ill switch to blood arena lol but thanks for the offer Saiha

I saw a card i think from Sentinel an had the bounes 6 power.smiley

Okay i want to buy credits if i go to a hotel because im going to the U.S soon can i use the phone an buy credits lol.

10 battle points? lol the player that gets abandoned only gets 5 battle points anyway, that's like the same penalty lol

monday 30/10/2006


Hehe ohkey you have a point..i didn't know that nightmare was a new clan ..hehe sorry

X in power, if they are played first.

Wow, thank God I have multiples $$$

Strike back is when you are allowed to start the match second so you know there 1st card they played

sunday 29/10/2006

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You can't, you have to wait it out.

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Guys my name is OLEG THE RUSKI and I created a guild world fed.
If you are interested in joining please contact me, you must be masters or above, wwith fair play and good cards.

How do u trade for other cards instead of money

The ppl who signt up have to buy credits inorder u get some

saturday 28/10/2006

Not really a fun style imo.....players use high power cards all the time.....
at least that is what i tink....i never played OLD.....i dont have the very good cards smiley

I bet Nightmare isn't next to get collector, cause this clan appeared in Clint City recently

Ambrose has 1 life per damage. That's all I know

That would be awesome please make that urban rivals

Yeh that would be so coolsmiley

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