sunday 17/05/2015

saturday 16/05/2015

Sorry, Tessa Cr + 400k smiley
PM me for faster responses smiley

French forum if you're interested .

Hey hey!
I'd like to trade my General Cr full and 1M cash for a Dj Korr Cr.
feel free to contact me in pm.

Good morning

I sell my 200 houtay 0exp 2,2k/t (440k)

i'm looking for
-cr:Edd Cr(42k)-Blaaster Cr(180k)-Caelus Cr(195k)-Jackie Cr(215k)
-rare card:Ahkab(25k)-El Divino(35k)-Numar(50k)-Kolos(50k)-tsubame(60k)
thanks smiley

Guys i am in need for Byron full xp
i value him at 18.5k
i can give cards like heitachi+heartnett for him or also any other offers is appreciated smiley
pls i need him soon so pm or type here

Hello sell

950 Berghart 0exp for 650 head

for private sale

friday 15/05/2015

2700 fizzle, everything is gone smiley

thx all smiley

I have a Marlysa Cr (full) and would like to trade for a Marlysa Cr (0 xp). I'm willing to give a small compliment for the trade.

I may also be willing to trade for these cards as well, but these are the only cards I'm looking for:
- Elya Cr
- Kerozinn Cr
- Lamar Cr
- Splata Cr
- Dragan Cr
I value them at current fair market prices.

Please PM me with offers, as I rarely check here. Thank you!

No XC levi,

XC merlin no, im interested in trading my cards for those, aslong as it all add's up to what i value em smiley

J'ai trouvé, je ferme.

900 keitha ?


Lot 1: 210 Earl 0xp ====> 21'500 /T

Lot 2: 210 Mini Mund 0xp ====> 900 /T

Lot 3: 190 Morlha 0xp ====> 370 /T

Lot 4: 175 Arlene 0xp ====> 1500 /T

Lot 5: 100 Lost Hog Cr 0xp ===> 24'000 /T

Lot Bonus 1: 9 Sera M1 0xp 26'000 /T

Lot Bonus 2: 29 Tasty Tast 0xp 3000 /T

thursday 14/05/2015

I can make a deal if you raise your buying price

More than one thread is not necessary smiley

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