saturday 25/08/2018

Korr no longer available

friday 24/08/2018



Im looking to sell my 5x Silvano 0 XP for 150 k (30k each) smiley

Private message me please smiley

I have for trade
20 Shinobi 0xp 200k/u
1 Schatzi 0xp 200k
1 Maana Cercei 0xp 650k
1 Jackie Cr full xp 1600k
3 John Doom full xp 40k/u
1 McLayton 0xp 20k
1 Silvano 0xp 30k
1 Langren 0xp 25k

im looking for
1 Jigi 20k
1 Blast 25k
1 Lagertha 45k
1 Bruno 85k
1 Dookor 90k
1 #valhalla 135k
1 Sentenza 820k
1 Kit-E 150k
all negotiable
any xp for all

Looking tk trade my Cannibal Jo Cr + 4.000.000 for General Cr

Or selling cannibal jo for 10.500.000

Can do twice! HMU smiley

Couple of days ago he was on market for 14 millions.Good luck my friend.

Trade done. thanks silas

thursday 23/08/2018

I propose:
1 Sylth Cr 0xp :750k
1 Lizbeth Cr 0xp : 630k
1 Beeboy Cr 0xp : 420k
vs your Death Adder 0xp. Thank you smiley

Can still add cards for negotiationssmiley

Sorry for the confusion i'm trying to sell one for a mixture of clintz and cr/mythics

Maximus quetzal gone

Hi guys, i want to trade my
Smokey Mt 0exp 1.6 kk

I'm lookng only for:
Blaaster Cr 940 k
Beeboy Cr 370 k
Joy 190 k
I'm not interested in the exp.
Pm if you are interested smiley

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