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thursday 18/07/2019

Trading General full for dj korr +clintz or selling him. PM If interested.

I offer 8,6m clintz + Selsya Cr 0xp + Crook 0xp for your Dragan Mt any xp


I'm looking for atkinson , death adder and crook.
Please DM me if interested.
1 nistarock = 18k

Hi all,
I'm selling 73 Aaron 0exp for 15k/each.
Price is negotiable, but you must buy all of them.

Please, contact me via PM.

wednesday 17/07/2019

I change my Guru CR 0xp (current value 11,75M)
by your DJ Korr CR 0xp (current value 11,25M) + 500K

Hi I want to trade my 0xp atkinson (850k) + 150k for a no love either full or 0xp (1m)

PM me if interested!

Thanks smiley

tuesday 16/07/2019

Hey I would trade my Dounia Mt (Full xp ; current value 4000k clintz) against Nemo Mt (current value 3380k) + 500k
PM me if you are interested smiley

I sold everything, I close the topic

Its all in the description. Willing to sell seperately or as a set. Any exchange would have to be for a card worth it's value. Not looking for bundles in exchange. Will consider two seperate cards I may not currently own. Serious offers only.

monday 15/07/2019

Hello All - I am looking to trade the following for either a Lao Cr (any xp) for 3.1M and/or a Reine Cr (any xp) for 1.1M:

Ratanah Mt (0xp) - 855K
#Amiral Py (0xp) - 55K
Chikko Cr (0xp) - 105K
Gil Cr (0xp) - 548K
#lelena Cr (0xp) - 99K
Jane Ramba Cr (0xp) - 185K
Lulabee Cr (0xp) - 145K
Mona Cr (0xp) - 780K
#Robb Cr (0xp) - 354K
Slyde Cr (0xp) - 55K
Toro Cr (0xp) - 95K
Zatman Cr (0xp) - 160K

Message if interested. Thanks!

I'm looking for Xantiax Robb Cr any xp 3.2m + compensation for my Volkan Cr 0xp 6m

Or Lamar Cr (0 Exp) + 1.8m smiley

sunday 14/07/2019

0xp guru for your 0xp Lyse
PM, thx

saturday 13/07/2019

Got Sum Sam smiley

Now is Lyse for Cannibal (1:1)

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