sunday 20/01

I am also looking for 0xp Scarlett Cr

saturday 19/01

1 ahkab ? 100 akhbab ? Or 1000 ahkab ?

I will add 4x Victor Van Dort if nahi cr is 0xp.

Trade my lot of 85x McLayton 0xp for Shawoman Cr.I will also consider other crs of similar value if anyone is interested for a trade.

Looking for Flavio Cr's, Buying multiple, price of 2m-2.3m

friday 18/01

No longer need Vickie Cr.

Its hard out here looking for an DJ Korr Cr smiley

Up .

Last call guys ...

I have 10M cash as well

I will buy Ethane from La junta for 61 k.

thursday 17/01

Also have a Marylsa CR i can add to the deal

DJ Korr Cr 0xp is worth less than full

wednesday 16/01

I can add cards. UPUPUPUP

tuesday 15/01

Trade my No Love 0xp for Ymirah Cr any xp + 250k

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