wednesday 31/12/2014

Looking for 200k clintz or a collector of 200k maybe any like Tanaereva or Jackie or many more. Pm me if you have any offer.

No one want jackie 3*. they rather jackie 1* 0xp smiley

Looking to upgrade some lower end CRs for more expensive CRs.


x 3 Terry Cr 16.5 k/ each
x 2 Chikko Cr 30 k/ each
x 2 Kawamashi Cr 12 k / each
x 1 Lost Hog Cr 20 k
x 2 Boris Cr 19 k / each
x 2 Veenyle Cr 40 k / each
x 2 Amiral Py Cr 20 k/ each
x 2 Jane Ramba Cr 54k / each
x 2 Sakura Cr 9k/ each
x 1 Marco Cr 57k
x 2 Slyde Cr 11k/ each
x 2 Noodile Cr 20k/each
x 2 Chiara Cr 35 k/ each
x 2 Heegrn Cr 16k/ each

MY WISHLIST with my values:
Caelus Cr 195 k
Jackie Cr 245 k
Tanaereva Cr 325 k
Blaaster Cr 185 k
Kalindra Cr 200 k
Copper Cr 85 k

Trades are not limited to just these CRs. I only provide them as a base point. I will consider any serious offer with collectors. Thank you!

Clintz only. Willing to negotiate, no lower than 850k.

tuesday 30/12/2014


oops sorry friend, i saw your last bid a little too late


i want to trade Ombre Cr (0 exp) from Nightmare for Jackie Cr + X (make me an offer)

You also can make an offer with different Cards.
Please send me a private message.

Really Faintman.... you want to bid on a 3 year old thread???

My Konrad (full xp) for you Beeboy (any xp)
straight up trade. PM me if interested

Need Cash i would accept 7.1M

monday 29/12/2014

100 arnie 85 are 0exp priced at 15k each total of 1.5 million
20 rowdy 0exp valued at 42500 each total f 850k

looking for cash or cards thanks

Good moring i'm searching 20 noctezuma 0xp 1,8M

I offer:
a award cr 300k
reine cr 400k
2 alec cr 0xp 500k
10 boris cr 200k

GOld jackie?
caelus 200k

Albeit I only have 11. I would very much like to sell them, valued at 4500 seems fair.
PMs welcome smiley

Got all missing kinichaw and devil dog only

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