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friday 13/10/2006

A player said me in french something about blacklist. I don't speak french and he (or she) don't speak english. I don't even know what it happened

Sorry but the rule is the same for everyone. Pack starts at 2 euros wich is not expensive (we think) considering the time you spend on the

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Ya dude......
it isnt the way u think by buyin in shop.....
u hav to buy credits!!
cos of that onli i am still like an rookie here without good cards......

The way you join the guild, is by searching my name, and then click my guild and postulate, then i will accept u

I can do it........
if u can pay............

We are looking for anyone wishing to come join with us.. all welcome.. I hope to see you soon.smileysmileysmiley

wednesday 11/10/2006

monday 09/10/2006

Oh, and how about Gertrud?

Yes, Arshner didn't said he isn't

But I am not sure if that is the ability.

sunday 08/10/2006

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They postulate and you as an admin say yay or nay.

Care to join a friendly, new guild, where the players accually play fast? Well you found it. Join us now, and get a free... A free... A free hug? Lol Sorry get nothing from us, except friendly chat and fun playing. smiley

saturday 07/10/2006

friday 06/10/2006

O ok,yeah i just thought it would be more fair against new people, so it is easier for them. smiley

I know. Sounds weird, but trust me. I've been playing CCGs for 10 years, and worked in game stores. Casual players and collectors (well at least when a new set comes out) drive the market, a lot more than tourney players. Tourney players just point out which cards are really good, and buy them for themselves.

You attract all types to any successful CCG. Magic's changed it's tournament rules umpteen million times. It's been around forever and a day (as far as the history of CCGs goes) and despite the naysayers.. it's not dying anytime soon.
CR is the same way. One rules change will drive off some players, but it'll attract twice as many more.

thursday 05/10/2006

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