thursday 11/06/2015

I accepte ;
my alec cr full vs 3 Yayoi Cr (2x 0xp) + 1 Sera M1 smiley

Hi smiley

i have to trade this cr :
- 98 Dounia Cr full 260k/t
- 23 dounai cr 0xp 280k/t

I serch :
-Pericles 0xp 78k/t
-others cr
-lots of cards 10k + maximum x50

mp me smiley

Update: trading my IronJaw 0xp + Vermyn N Rb 0xp for 2x Alec Cr any xp.

I sell them for 300k/each smiley

320k clintz

1.600M is too mutch
Marly go for 1.400M.1450

wednesday 10/06/2015

I add Melissa oxp for changing for full + compl

Wee lee 36,500?

I can't give you a good (reasonable amount due to these characters lowering so vast.)
But what I can give you is 4.5M cash + Sum Sam Cr.

It's a offer to think about, if you don't want.. I wish you all the best with your search smiley

Soz, i clicked enter when i started writing lol

Sorry but your cutey are overpriced now, not interested

All the CRs sold.

I would like to trade my Guru Cr 0xp 9.3kk for usable crs or other big5 + complement. I am not interested in cash at the moment.

I am mainly interested in Jackie Cr 0xp and Vickie Cr 0xp.

tuesday 09/06/2015

Only 2.5k/t!!!

Accepting offers

500x Ulrich 0exp -> 7k/each
155x Oyoh 0exp -> 6.5k/each
100x Askai 0exp-> 8k/each
50x Lou 0exp -> 9k/each

I want to trade the below cards I'm willing to take most 0xp lots cards valued over 5k
Pm me for faster response
21 x grace 0xp 8.400 ph 176400
4 x octana 0xp 23000 ph 92000
X2 grouchy 0xp 17200 ph 34400
X4 Lindsey 0xp 9900 ph 39600
X6 Farman 0xp 9700 ph 58200
X4 boomstock 0xp 5000 ph 20000
X1 rahi sledon 0xp 17000 ph 17000
X10 vektor 0xp 10500 ph 105000
X2 hefty 0xp 14400 ph 28800

I am willing to negotiate the price. smiley

Any takers? I accept literally anything, clintz, cards, you name it.
I also accept offers for individual sales of 1 copy, i got to get rid of this. smiley

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