sunday 28/12/2014

YAYOI 12 or 13 for copernica I don't care about the exp.

saturday 27/12/2014

Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following big 5

Guru Cr full exp 9.5m
General Cr 0exp 8.5m

i accept:

cash ( min. 3m)
cr playables like Caelus Cr 190k, Kerozinn Cr 700k, Tanaereva Cr 330k etc etc

if you are interested contact me

trade in private sale

I can trade your card for my Tameshi

I am looking for an elo deck of a single clan
I am interested in following clans:
1- Uppers
2- Vortex
3- La Junta
4- Rescue

If the deck is around 60k I can buy it.

New offer good offer :

60 Heegrn Cr 0 xp 16.6k/t =>1m
10 Kenny Cr 0 xp 85k/t => 850k
1 Dounia Cr full xp => 400k
150 Tomoe 0 xp 8k/t => 1m2
3 Jackie Cr 0 xp 255k/t => 765k
40 C Wing 0 xp 8.5k/t => 340k
40 Cyb Lhia 0 xp 6k/t => 240k
40 Oflgn 0 xp 9k/t => 340k
250 Deea 0 xp 3.2k/t => 800k => 5935k

+ 100 000 clintz
Total : 6 035 000 clintz

friday 26/12/2014

3 found, i search more

Hello smiley

I buy all of your:

Keitha 0xp - 1050 Clintz/U
Weifang 0xp - 1100 Clintz/U

Thank you smiley

Valued at Market Price.

Done, thanks smiley

Wrong forum , missing tag...i close

Wanting to trade/sell these items:

Ambrose Cr 0 exp - 430,000 Clintz value

Looking for:

- Caelus Cr Full Exp - 200k

- Kalindra Cr Full exp - 210k

- Clintz.


Don't bother offering other Crs.
All offers by pm.
Don't bother offering less than 430k total.


Ahhahah great shanks XD good holydays to everybody my friends smileysmileysmiley

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