friday 24/04/2015

You're making in excess of 50k profit

Ok, he's in your PV.
I think you have me on BL, I cant send you a message. But thank you very much! smiley

Also got 26 0xp Thorpah if anyone is interested smiley

Hi! I trade:

[200 Chikko Cr 27k/T - 5.4M ] (160 full) (10 semi evo 2*) (4 semi evo 1*) (24 0xp)

I accept:

Lyse Teria Cr 5.4M
Caelus Cr 200k
Kalindra Cr 200k
Blaaster Cr 200k
Robb Cr 100k

El Matador 0xp 18.5k/T
Noctezuma 0xp 95k/T
Don 0xp 21k/T
Mona 0xp 85k/T
Jessie 0xp 8.5k/T
Marina 0xp 30k/T
Lola 0xp 10k/T
Cortez 0xp 65k/T
Scopica 0xp 6.5k/T
ohng 0xp 65k/T
Grouchy 0xp 17k/T
Octana 0xp 22k/T
Pericles 0xp 75k/T
Lou 0xp 6.5k/T
Ratanah 0xp 30k/T
Shakra 0xp 45k/T
Vermyn N 0xp 45k/T
Hikiyousan 0xp 17k/T
Wee Lee 0xp 35k/T
Lehane 0xp 8k/T
Petra 0xp 9.5k/T
Uranus 0xp 27k/T
Kolos 0xp 55k/T


Why does it always do this to me smiley

Lewica doing that makes you a douche so please stop smiley

thursday 23/04/2015

Hello I am interested in buying Kalindra Cr I'd buy it for 170k we could negotiate the price. regards

I offer Geuner Cr + Diyo Cr + something that we will deal for Caelus Cr.


200 Wee Lee 0 xp for trade as well

Hey all, I trade my Kerozinn cr full xp for 2 tanaereva cr 0xp. Via PS

Thank you

wednesday 22/04/2015

I exchange 1x Amiral Py Cr, 2x Page Cr (0 xp), 1x Slyde Cr, 1x Veenyle Cr and 1x Kawamashi Cr for 1 Dounia Cr

The cards cost slightly more in total than Dounia. Pm me if you are interested

28 Coby 0xp?

3 messages

Already purchased Toro.

Kawamashi Cr jut 8k D

Dude, wait until she drops in price. She'll drop drastically in the next few weeks.

tuesday 21/04/2015

Baby Q Rb 165k (full) + 40k for Kalindra Cr

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