sunday 05/04/2015

I buy rahi sledon for 18k, just pn me

I buy (many) Rahi Sledon for 17k, pn me

Trade my 0xp Elya Cr for Full Elya Cr + compliment

saturday 04/04/2015

Looking for this cards -> jackie cr, hefty, herman, lady, maurice, dorian, striker, robb cr, saki, marina, heartnett. i could be interested too in junkz, bangers and montana, just looking for 1 card of each, not interested in lots.

For collection smiley

No thanks smiley

Im look for Lamar CR

My offer:
44 earl 0xp
50K clintz

PM me with other offer's!

Found Lamar, you can close this topic now. Thanks smiley

Anything at least 50 clintz more in value. I'm desperate.


I'm interested in purchasing dreadlash at any xp in huge quantities preferably 50 or more.

I value him at 2250 per (at this current time of post)
obviously price will fluctuate

i will be able to offer cash and cards

pm me if you're interested.
thank you,

Lamar's been sold, I have new sales up, gonna close this topic now, thank you all for your interests.

friday 03/04/2015

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