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monday 25/09/2006

Hallo Nederlanders

Speciaal voor alle Nederlanders die dit spel spelen heb ik een guild gemaakt.
Zin om te joinen?, doe dat dan gewoon.



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Nederland, een gilde voor onze Nederlandse compagnons.

Just play they gain xp when you fight, even more xp win you win, by the way pillz help you multiply your power which creats your attack

How do People join my guild

sunday 24/09/2006

I like Taco's

Hehe nice advice thanks!

Thanks i guess he really isn't that powerfull

I didn't really get it..AOD rocks

saturday 23/09/2006

It is "enemies of god" is the name of my guild excepting all

that means all is welcome!

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You can win them in tournaments

Thanks alot all of yall, Brasuka sorry, i already spended all my gold to differ people, spended more than 100,000 clintz, if you still got some characters let me know

friday 22/09/2006

What does Stop Opp do? I haven't really seen what it does.

We also set up an ELO time out room, if you're losing just time out -- its delightful

Join SiX DeeP... it is the new crew, that will take over all of Clint City. Looking for fighters from newbies to experienced. Just as long as you have a big heart, this is the clique for you. All about having fun, making each other get better, while kickin some serious ass....


logo UR 2 messages

Learn to spell,

Read the Guide

To clarify.

The wall papers are in a side menu under the New Members Side Menu on the front page. IF you are using smaller then a 1024x700 resolution then you may miss it.

Yeah I just dont get it, its bad manners really.
Don't challenge or play if you don't want to lose...

You should check out my win rate...tis terrible, but I don't mind, its only fun.

Join it!!!
OnLy FoR TaGgErZ
ArT Is NoT A CrImE

thursday 21/09/2006

Says the guy that practicly admits that he cheats on ELO matches.


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