tuesday 12/09/2006

I would think they would stack if you are on the first attack.

monday 11/09/2006

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Founded! please type TURKS for joining...

I live in wanganui can i still get credits by ph ??? and who thankssmiley

Not all can have acces to send an SMS but all have acces to play the game. I think by this that the players from other cantries are unfavoraised. you bad, bad game-mastersmiley

sunday 10/09/2006

Few days ago

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Same here, hooked

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My don is almost maxed, worth more than mojo

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Thanks Xoric an moni92
[quote]In order to participate, you simply have to play during a tournament period.[/quote]

How van i read me meseges? please tel me 10x from now

I wholeheartedly agree that 'american football' is better than 'football'. But give me Cricket or Rugby over either of them any day.


Number of stars on your cards X your level= your respect points
With more respect points, you got a better grade

High score by golgoth72 with more than 2900 points

saturday 09/09/2006

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Now you cant but sh it for 1000

Read the tips forum. Too many strategies to just say use these cards.

Maybe you missed the count of a card. I've done that then had to double look to see that the method was working -- I just wasn't LOL.

I would think Tuesday because thats when new cards come out every other Tuesday (right?) We are talking paris time.

I have an accountant for that as well. I can't stand taxes! humbug!

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