tuesday 23/12/2014

Thread closed, got scammed.

Dj is sold, anyway...interesting offer cisco u have pm

All sold thank you smiley

monday 22/12/2014

I would also take card and clintz with the value of dragan cr 0xp

Looking to sell my Sigmund cr 0xp for around 645k clintz or bulks.

Hello all,

I'd like to trade the following lots for Marlysa Cr 0xp;

Dr copernica 0xp x40 36k ( 1.440m )
Boomstock 0xp x46 4.6k ( 211k )
Total= 1.651m

Marlysa cr 0xp 1.650m

Thank you.

Sorry calz, just sold it smiley

I'd consider buying them all if you lower down to 32k per headsmiley

Prices fluctaute so much. smiley
I now offer vickie cr and 85k for kerozinn cr.

sunday 21/12/2014

Hey, I sell the following:

230 vermaire: 14.800 clintz each
220 mahimatah: 2.800 clintz each
200 doug snop: 2.150 clintz each
160 yodd: 2.100 clintz each
130 dr norton: 600 clintz each
95 westwood: 470 clintz each


Will do 233000 and a slyde cr anyone can help out

Hi im looking to sell or trade the following..

110 arnie at 16k each
20 rowdy 0exp at 45k each
15 saki at 18k each

looking for cash or open to any offers, thanks

I can trade with 100 dr copernica smiley

Best to make a list smiley and 0xp or full?

saturday 20/12/2014

Berserkgirl Cr out. Only Ambrose Cr left.

I looking for:

Tanaereva Cr
Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr
Dalhia Cr

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