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friday 15/09/2006

Look at "The game\Game's rules\Character's abilities and bonus"

I join your guild

Buy some thing in the store. you get one star for that. The other are based on how many wins and how many fights you have

I never read Bunny's profile. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

But still I notice that Nobrocybix, except for the few times you use him to sacrifice, he's useless as a play card.

He seems more useful as a "card starter" like in Bunny's case.

Any one read Heavy Metal Magazine? I'd love to see some of those character in there. DRUNNA smiley

Most times they are saying same thing about you.

What you see is local. The actual match doesn't even look the same for the both of you. where your character could have attack 5 times to beat the other, for them it could have been a 1 hit attack that took all thier life. All that is the same is the outcome.

It all comes down to the connection, the server hops, and capacity.

RETARDDDD -- yeah Mencia is funny.

IT's a give and take situation. You can't limit by level because of the rasons Bill gave. Joining a guild is a good idea since depending onthe guild it will have training, access to hard to get cards, and strategies.

Another good approach would be to play EVO for a while to level your cards up.

thursday 14/09/2006

First you have to buy cards fromt the shop. It lets you unloack your ability to sell cards inthe market.

Then you trade by selling to person at a set price (50 cl usually) then buying the from person at same set price.

Contact the staff,try this adress:support-en@urban-rivals.com.

Im from austria not so far from france, but i also have no chance to buy credits.
id like to pay with paysafe, http://www.paysafecard.com
paypal only lets me buy with credit card but i dont have on

wednesday 13/09/2006

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Best i have done, the only time i get more that 15 points if my card goes up a level, even if i win i still only get 9 to 15 points.

I didnt know that

I'm newbie looking for guild....any GUILD want to accept me???

Hello. I just want to announce that the Card Manager is available on URTournament.org's members area.

It allows you to update your entire collection (20 cards at a time), and gives stats as to how many cards your missing, how many extra (duplicate) cards you have how many Unique cards (no Dupes).

You can use it as a checklist for your collection.

Also, you can share a list of the cards that you have to sell or trade.

Check it out. It helped me discover I was missing 7 not 6 Cr cards smiley -- but now I know and I can keep an eye out for them.

Your opponent starts first because his cards are stronger (have more stars) than yours. This is an advantage for you. Of course, if you are new your deck is too weak. You should level up your cards, buy new cards and rebuild your deck.

tuesday 12/09/2006

Chat would be cool, we can already send messages.smiley

The Abilities/Bonus system seems to run on a premise of negations. If you both have a stop bonus or ability both your cards abilites will not work.

Same for Bonus.

It's gets interesting when it gets to -power/attack/damage. smiley but thats another story for the AOD forums.

I would think they would stack if you are on the first attack.

monday 11/09/2006

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