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monday 18/09/2006

We allow 2 accounts on same ip (because honest peoples might be using that: home-lan, work-lan, proxy) BUT we'll reduce earnings if too many matchs between the same ip in a short lapse of time, but the rule of
the site is one account per person. If someone don't follow this agreement, it may face accounts removals from us (especially on accounts abuses, bad behivor, cheating, con etc..).

We love ya anyway. Ok like, we slightly regard you... umm heard of you...once.

There is none as of yet.

When I hear more about this (they are looking into it) I will post.

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Check masters tips section.

One more day...

sunday 17/09/2006

-4 Opp Attack, Min 4

Just hope this wanker doesn't get a card....

Player with highest initial attack gets it doubled. This becomes thier modified attack value.

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It didnt work at first, but its working now, thanks new and jade

A what? A gang? Reported to the po po.


A new article has been posted to the Clint City Ledger!

Keep in touch with all the news that's fit AND not fit to print about your favorite city.

saturday 16/09/2006

You can buy new cards with real money from the shop.

You will not be able to sell your cards (usinghte market) until you buy something from the shop.

Email support on this. Sounds like a bug. support@urban-rivals.com

In URT card list we substitute Cr with K for technical reasons.

I knew that feed would come in handy. LOL

Do you mean Guild or Clan?

A Guild is a collection of players, gathered for the betterment of thier play.

A Clan is like a Guild, but in the fictional Clint City world. Every card belong to Clans. With the Clan a Card gets a Bonus.

To activate bonus to clan members must be inthe same playing hand.

To activate a guild a player must be (i think) over level 10. She/he creates it in the guild area. To join a guild you must be level 5 or over.

Hope this answers you q's

Badaz when you sell public you set a price. The average is the average price of that card in the market that everyone is selling that card for.

Don't under sell Vickie. She's worth at least 20000 (thats cheap). Shame on Killo and Brasuka.

I hate time wasters....fine them

Tyler is just Brad Pitt in my eyes. Goes from A River Runs Through It (or possibly Legends of the Fall) to Se7en then Snatch and ends at Fight Club. Thats my theory anyhew!

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