friday 01/09/2006

What happened to the win % on my profile
it still says x out of y
but no %smiley
now i have to do the math smiley

Fair rating is a percentage of how many times you timeout. You are at 11%. You have to get to like 4% to get green. Play more games without timing out and it will go up. Alot more games.

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U dont have to join u just got to play during a tourney

thursday 31/08/2006

I dont's have her but I heard she has a -opp attack ability. Anyone with her maxed please confirm.

wednesday 30/08/2006

Sorry, to post here but

Same person has placed an invalid Email as well and has their URT Message disabled. (how exactly are we supposed to confirm you).

This will be considered Notice 2 to that person. They have until tomorrow to fix the email address otherwise person will be disqualified from the next Tournament.

Hit the click here Link in the top description :

You'll find here most of the sites talking about Urban Rivals. If you wish to add a new site to this page, please >>click here<<, then use the form below, after a quick check, we'll add the site to this page.

A form will appear where you can add your site.

We'll take a look at this.
Next time, please use our contact form or email so we can follow up issues.

tuesday 29/08/2006

How can we trade cards???????smiley

Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! sob sobsmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 28/08/2006

Ahhh, thanx

Push the button in the lower left corner of the challenge screen, and the option will be on the list

sunday 27/08/2006

Is that the official rate of introduction of cards?

Look how bout this have a sperate point system for tournys, that way lvling cards still gives you the bonus of increasing your person lvl. that way the points earned in tournys will be qaulity points not nesecerally qauntity.

Who cares what lvl the person is, I got no yellow in my blood or chicken in my family. a lvl 50 guy can still have unlvled cards and a lvl 2 can have fully lvled ccards. so just fight a loss to a high ranked player yeilds more xp then a lose to a low lvl anyway.

Not really 10 elo matches at the max, plus ppl will challenge you at that point just to get more points.

Vinner du?

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