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sunday 24/11/2013

Please create your guild and then start recruiting members to help you build the guild you want smiley

Im a Male...But thanks for saying,"Yes." To Me.
i really appreciate that smiley

Thank you.

I like girls, but perhaps Girls can join but they have to be polite.

The correct section for this is the general section.
Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewtheme&id_theme=4

The new website is glitchy and still in beta.

You could try clearing your cache & cookies, updating java (ect). If it still doesn't works try switching back to the old website or send a message to support.
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saturday 23/11/2013

This guild is for people and players that collect CR and LD cards of Urban Rivals so come join us and show off your collection of cards in the house of cards.


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Thanks MeRLiN I must admit i didnt Spend annytime on forum yet since that not my best thing smiley
I didnt really come clear what my intentions are with this guild but my idea is : !!

TemplarZz ✠ Is the name, people know what Templars are in case they played Assasinscreed or did some searching.
My idea IS to like Post documatrys or oponions or things you found on the internet, things you wont see all day with KNOWLEDGE that should be written in history books, in stead of what bullcrap ( hopefulyl no bannable word omg ) now days.
In the last few years ive read seen some much intersting things! And since im playing a game to why not make it more then only about the game smiley
Ofcrouse we trade tacticts and what so ever, but as i said im more focussing on guid:1978405 as a guild then TemplarZz ✠ the number 1 guild to be smiley hope to see you guys soon my fellow guid:1978405

tuesday 19/11/2013

> -Don
If it'll hold out for longer, haha. It was a decision I took while being drunk, so yeah... oops. I might peel after all.
> jamox
Meh, you shouldn't. Bananas are great and very healthy for you. I won't inquire further though smiley
> -War Boy
Hmm, and here I thought I'd learn something from you smiley
> Smoke
Zananas? Now that's original. Maybe we should do an urban rival banana song.

Sooo.... I don't think I'd be able to guild up a guild (especially when I'm starting a new Skyrim LE edition char...), so I decided to lock this up. Maybe the Banana Kingdom will make a rise (*hint* *hint* whoever makes it, invite me as well) some day, which unfortunately is not today. Sorry to those who decided to keep their peels a bit longer smiley

Continue being unappealing and have a nice day!

Disclaimer: I did not want to reach this stage, and the recruitment message was to some extent successful - the idea was to see whether the urban rival players want some fun, besides the endless card trading and battles.
And anyway, this goes a bit off-topic, but now that I am guild-single, me wants to join an english speaking [fun] guild.

monday 18/11/2013

We won't co-exist smiley Haha smiley

Death Watch is a guild that I hope to get running. We don't have many bonuses yet, but the more people we have, the more bonuses we can get! Death Watch is now recruiting. Death Watch really needs members. If you are interested, please apply here: guild:1979490
We really need members, so please apply. All ranks welcome!

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sunday 17/11/2013

What do you think he's doing? smiley

It's definitely worth looking at, given that you're new and building something from the ground up is a big part of why I want to start my own guild. I don't care for your guild's name or the number of exclamation points in your description, so we should take this to PMs and see if we're a good fit for each other.

Guild deleted; thread closed.

saturday 16/11/2013

Don't advertise that you know infi...

More people like Daoc, say you know Daoc.

hot 37 messages


I mean I am a noob.

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You should be bananas, Banana smiley

friday 15/11/2013

The general forum is where this belongs smiley




Join Babylon.

thursday 14/11/2013

Id recommend Open Casket, or maybe try Trinity smiley

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