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saturday 12/08/2006

The prices for ELO this month as Fraggle have posted are:
1 : Kiki - Armanda - Ndololo
2 - 5 : General - Lyse Teria
6 - 10 : Berserkgirl
11 - 25 : 1 random rare

Well does thier life depends on it this is just a game. Does it really matter if you win or lose?

friday 11/08/2006

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Ha ha we all said the same thing...

No u don't... from the home page u can go at the message board and from there to the gulid board only 2 ( the home page doesn't counts ) or u could just do a fav link right to the gulid board

Uhh... have u EVEN botherd cheking the rules?

When your opp gives up or times out you get much less or even none experience and Clintz. That shouldn't happen coz some players will do that just to make you win less.

Yes they should implement a filter in your collection that tells you which cards you are missing.

Using the market you are depending cards for sale. But if I want a full list of my missing cards and no one is selling one of my missing cards then I will not see that card in the list.

What's up!!!! smiley

But it is in rules, see:


Yeah... it's called hostile circumstance smiley


Ok thank you all very much, I am hoping the option will be available very soon as I prsonally think it is also a security thing to be able to change your password. I actually change all of mine every 4 - 6 weeks and although it takes me a whole day to go through all the sites I find that it helps to keep piece of mind.

It says first "round", so I think it means it activates on the round, not the turn.

thursday 10/08/2006

Add the x to the overall power of the card. Then do your pill math.

Well there is definately a formula to how strong a card is besides the attack and power structures that we know about because it seems the java clients initialize deck feature accurately tells you who is the strongest in your deck.

I have chosen my deck this way to see some apparently wimpy cards.

Like Level 1 copper would always come up. But spec wise at lvl he sucks. The computer knew things about this card that I didn't/ Stuff like he always seems to defy the math.

I don't think it's the computer's math that is wrong -- but rather it's our (the players) concept of how the math is calculated that is a bit ajar. I think this is on purpose to keep that "random" aspect in place.

To me it's more annoying then fun. I collect the cards and set my strategy. I don't want to factor in "and if the system feels like helping" into my strategy.

Yer just joined well dnt understand nethin. . .at all lol

Yes, you can use clintz to buy character from other players on the Market. (just on the left side)
You can earn clintz by: playing, participating in any (or all) of the 3 tournaments we run each day, buying them at the shop
using credit, selling you characters (provided you have at least buy credit once with your account).
You can also buy new characters at the shop using credits that you can get with money (phone, text message if supported
in your country, credit card or paypal otherwise).

Yeah but don't you think that if you post Want to sell or Want to trade or buy. That you might want to remember to check the post every day or 2. In this game people like me check the Message boards multiple times a day cause I'm looking for cards to sell trade or buy. It only tells me that when you don't reply you are not seriously going to do what you post. I've replied to over 40 people and maybe 5 have replied back, and that's just this week.. I'm starting to leave replies to them telling them to stop wasting my time and not to post ever again if they are not even going to check the message board anyway. There bogus post make me have to read thru more pages of posts just to get to a post that is someone that is serious.

Done that already, but it is so damn time consuming especially for me 'coz I play at work. smileyNot that I'm playing nookie or anything, my dial-up at home sucks. I'm a Graphics Designer and Web Designer by the way if you need any job done. smiley Also, I only have a 17" screen so not all characters are visible. No time for cropping and pasting them. HEHE... But have time to play.

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