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thursday 27/07/2006

Lol i actually do that sometimes.

wednesday 26/07/2006

I really need to know how to trade ..so get back to me A.S.A.P.

tuesday 25/07/2006

Fwageul?Lol with the british accent smiley

monday 24/07/2006

I want 2 get better cards 1 of mine is 11 i always lose 2 jimbojames

sunday 23/07/2006

I think there should be an option to include a short (like... six characters, maybe) message that would be appended to your name. This would let people easily show other players what mode they're playing in, like EVO. It could also let guilds be abbreviated in the box so that players don't have to change their screen names into something ridiculous. I think it would make the entire listing a lot more tidy.

Just to some up a prior message thread. There is something uncanny about some cards matches which allow them to win almost inpossible matches.

Soon to be a database tracking these pecuilarities on Yahoo urban rival group.


To look up a pretty good list of tips and tricks go to the yahoop urban rivals group and subscribe. In the batabase section are a bunch of new and compiled tricks.


saturday 22/07/2006

Obi one lol smiley

Well, new people are best to buy cheap cards, like I've gotten some as low as 400 clintz. Buying cheap cards at a low price, leveling them, then selling it off again at a much higher price is working well for me, and when leveling a card you gett more points and even more clintz it seems.

I have my own guild, and as far as I know, it does nothing but add a "look at me" kinda thing on your profile. I'm sure there's inner guild trading, and selling at a discount in the older ones.

friday 21/07/2006

Im the only one person till now so please join. The only requirement that i have is that only level 10 and above can join because i want experienced people to be in my guild. Thats all. smiley

thursday 20/07/2006

But I thougt you get 4 days to get 4 members ;( only 2 days past smiley had to make it again anways my question is there a gang forum so that members can chat on the gang forum and not here.....also whats the point of making a guild( sorry was calling it a gang before)

It's quite logical that someone who's heavily involved in the game will end up in a guild smiley

Come on people I want my Urban rivals T-shirt!!!
Make it possible!!.=)
Thank you.....

wednesday 19/07/2006

Hmm aye, I will switch my browser does eat a decent bit on it's own so it's probably just the browser.

I need to figure out how to trade badly

I'm sorry but we had a little problem, we lost a lot of players pictures (nothing else, be reassured smiley). Please upload
one again if you wish.

If your country is not yet open to text message or sms, you can use your credit card thru paypal or the alternate
company (the alternate link is just at the bottom of the right box).

monday 17/07/2006

Yea i'm working on a story that's like Urban rivals less funny more action differnt clan names all that

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