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thursday 06/07/2006

What exaclty is the purpose of guilds in this game?

There is no ladder or guild only games. Besides info swapping and targeted playing (one guild member allows another to beat him to get other guild rank up), and private exhanges there is no other reason to be in a guild.

Granted those are 3 great reasons -- but thing is there are no guilds to my knowledge that organized. If there are give me a call cause I'd be interested in creating a guild site that is password protected and all that.

wednesday 05/07/2006

Your friend simply need to go to "The Market" then: "Privates sales
waiting", he should be able to accept the trade and get the card without a
You can also check out your outstanding sales by looking at "The Market"
then: "My current sales". Your sale to your friend should show up there.

monday 03/07/2006

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Hullo smiley
There is not other solution that fight you Hugo against lvl 5... and try to win smiley
Put a char lvl 4 to lvl 5 is hard..yea.. have fun smiley

(and soz for my mistakes smiley)

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Welcome and nice meeting yeah and i am happy tht u speak english and i look forward to a match withu

saturday 01/07/2006

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Oh and other thing
the tournaments are scheduled at any hour everyday or what time are they?

friday 30/06/2006

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The Market then "My Standing Purchase"

Lol ok what is the difference between making the game using java or flash???

Is it possible for u considered having also that you can sell characters after you buy a pack from shop???

thursday 29/06/2006

Ya i thought thats what it was are there gunna be any other characters apart from leaders that will have a background i really like how it looks with background

Xu52 has a Damage of 8 but a power of only 6.

wednesday 28/06/2006

I played it on DSL and it worked flawlessly I say. I really really like it. I disagree with Gorukha. It actually speeds up game play a bit, especially in battle mode where you just have to push the accelerate button.

tuesday 27/06/2006

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A guild is good to meet new people, and create a little community =) (i'm not sure this word is english lol). by the way, i'm from the pantheon guild, and maybe we will looking for an english member, this could be fun =)

Well I had my doubts bout Admiral Py and the way Vladimir holds his cigs, but Jackie is an obvious one lol.

monday 26/06/2006

I just love your reference Macthorpe smiley (big fan of pratchett altough I think
it can get a bit repetitive)

It's funny how many people blame their connection or something, funny how I played a ton of battles and noone EVER times out when they are winning LOL

If any1 needs a guild check out the boiz and gurlz club!!!

sunday 25/06/2006

Ahh I get it. Thank you Fraggle .. your the man! =D

Hey now, guys arent all bad lol

saturday 24/06/2006

For now 00000000000000 lol

thursday 22/06/2006

Not everyone wants to pay for new cards, and not everyone can pay for new cards viva, if you dont want to play people cause they poor that is your business though smiley
Personally I have only 14 cards all maxed, cause i dont pay, does that annoy you ? lol

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