sunday 08/02/2015

36 Jeena vs 30 Dolly 0xp ? smiley

Still looking for caelus CR

will trade:

Yayoi Cr
3x Dolly Cr
10x Lovhak
10x Vassili

Valued at 2.8k
Will take lots

All is gone. i close this.
Thx to all smiley

saturday 07/02/2015

Hahah smiley it wil someday xD

Nobody interested? dounia cr is still avaible

Recap and some new prices for fast benefits:

100 Spudd 0xp for 3000/unit
150 Lorenzo 0xp for 750/unit
200 Anna 0xp for 750/unit
200 Miho 0xp for 1900/unit
150 Tekumman for 2200/unit
500 Rey Mono 0xp for 555/unit
1000 Boomstock 0xp for 4800/unit
4000 Reeplay 0xp for 900/unit

I have 6 mercury 0xp for trade I value her at 7200 clints ph
I am after lots of larry 550 ph
Westwood lots 600 ph
Augustino lots 450 ph
Any other offers message me and well se if we can make a deal

emeth cr 0xp 95k
buy 10 emeth

Gawd nobody wants 0xp nowadays?

Looking to trade Montana and Bangers clans for

Rescue, Piranas, Skeelz, or Jungo clan(s)!

For 80-100k ; v ; !!
I would insta-buy as soon as you message me.

friday 06/02/2015

Hi guys, I sell 35 Veenyle Cr full for 35k/each smiley

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