saturday 22/11/2014

Buy one marlysa cr any xp i can give 1 750 000 clintz

Private sale


J'échange mon kiki cr 0xp ( 9M450K ) contre 21 Dounia cr 0xp ( 450K/T)

Premier venu , Premier Servi


I think it's a fair trade smiley

My 3 noctezuma, 1 0xp for 5 graksmxxt any ep

I need 100 kenjy 0xp for 500/each private sell smiley

I'm trading my Pericles for Marina and Xingshu. If you are interested, just send me a PM.

Gretchen 0xp up for sale 2300c

5 curlix for romana and angelo
4 curlix for romana

I'll value it at 400k for the sake of simplicity

I am looking for

Reine Cr (400k)
Ambrose Cr (400k)
A Award (280k) + open to offers

open to offers on bulk offers of other cards, just let me know what you have

Can u put some estimated card value and total other wise i am not going do the math smiley

friday 21/11/2014

4 Star Numar for 48000 clintz, just send me a message and I will set up a private sell if you are interested.

My 0xp Mona for noctezuma. PM ME ASAP

I have a good offer today
my lamar cr for ur splata cr + perciles

30 slyth 0xp for 74k each

thursday 20/11/2014

Well as the title says, this are the cards im trading:
38x Mokra (23x 0xp, 1x 2*, 1x 3*, and 13x full)
5x Stalfhaust 0xp
6x Raven (4x0xp and 2x full)
1 Daddy Jones 0xp

This cards i`m looking for:
Bangers: Blaaster Cr, Chikko Cr.
GHEIST: Miss Twice Cr, Mechakolos
Jungo: Kreen Cr, Sylth Cr,
La Junta: Jane Ramba Cr,
Piranas: Dalhia Cr, Smokey Cr
Rescue: Alec Cr.
Skeelz: Caelus Cr, Dounia Cr,

This cards i accept as compliments, ONLY AS COMPLIMENTS:
Bangers: Shogunn, Duke, Juicy Lord.
Frozn: Brok, Aaron,
GHEIST: Rolph, XU52, Lin Xia
La Junta: Naginata, Pilzken,
Piranas: Parmabarb,
Rescue: Campbell, Reeve,
Skeelz: Hemdall,

El Devino 29k
El Matador 15k
both 42k
best would be pm for fast answersmiley

Hi all

I buy all your 3* cards for 240 ctz !!!

ONLY lvl 1 / 3 OR lvl 2 / 3 0xp
(idc about xp on lvl 1 but 0 in lvl 2)

thx smiley

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