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monday 16/09/2013

Good luck...


Properly Hyperlinked for you.

sunday 15/09/2013

Closed. But I'm sure he'll create another guild within the next 7 days -.-

I wish you changed the Guilid Meaning JAXX THE YOLO....... You Really ruin Your own Guilid......... Change the guilid meaning.

saturday 14/09/2013

Looking for active players to join our guild and are always trying to get members involved in taking part in our forum.

wednesday 11/09/2013

Are you serious? There are plenty applicants wanted to join your Guilid.....
Why you cannot accept the Application that want to join your Guilid?

That is just sad........ smiley

Even for the players...... So sad smiley


Sorry about the Link bro smiley

tuesday 10/09/2013

Hey guys... i am looking for some actove players whp like to xhill relax an enjoy playing ur so let me know if you want to join open to all levels and no ranking required

monday 09/09/2013

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Include some requirements and what makes your guild so special?

Just started a new guild. Looking for good members .Message me to join

sunday 08/09/2013

The guild of war parties has set a record I think (I'm not too sure, as I've only played this game cumulatively for about three weeks) by being the first guild to ever employ dual-brother technology. Beware the green fireball. smiley

saturday 07/09/2013

He told me you were coming back to the game Archer. Thank you for the kind words and your brother was a good guy smiley

No one yet?

friday 06/09/2013

Yes!! Bluerey, better luck next Time. CASE CLOSE FOREVER!!!

thursday 05/09/2013

Join D Versified!

We are the only guild in the community with 4 Event Team Members!

We're also really friendly and active!

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I don't want to seem like it will be that way. I will just join HoA. Hope it goes well.

You may close this thread.

I didnt said that. I said one of the first members to join. And I really need an Admin, I cant be always online -.-'

Come Join Young prodigys we are a new group but are destined for greatness and to show the UR world we are not to be trifled with.


edited by ArtemisBZ thursday 05/09/2013, 08:26

wednesday 04/09/2013

No prob. You seem pretty cool so far. and we seem to have the same goals in mind. ;D

This group's members that qualify based on elo PB
0 p3dr0-CG
0 Habs (not sure if canadian or french canadian smiley)
Ana _ (multi probably)
And now, aside from pedro, none of them should really count as elo was easier with 12 life and leaders lol
So so far, one member, and he's in a Spanish guild, but he'll be accepted anyways cause so far, this is pretty sad smiley

Those who qualify based on survivor PB
wmd luke
sohmax (retired)
Pedro, yet again smiley
Bone Cr
Lu Bu
0 ComeAtMe
Clint Cdr
Peanut Spring
0 Hobbes
(nothing from late 2010 or earlier, they had it easy smiley)

15 members. Alright, let's set up a forum for 15 people smiley

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