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saturday 25/04

Hey Everyone,
Looking to trade my DJ Korr Cr 0xp for 1 Cannibal Jo Mt 0xp (8M9) and 1 Spiaghi Mt any xp (1M1)

Well as you guys know, this #K. card atm is going up and down between 16.9M and 24M, im actually willing to get the clintz or some good card offers so i can divide the Clintz value between many cards, not just one, so, just come with any fair offers and we can see if we can make this happen smiley

New list with new prices:

Rex Sweig (57k each)(max 85)
Sentenza (58k each)(max 31)
No Love (140k each)(max 41)
Nero (95k each)(max 18 )
Zaveli (60k each)(max 50)
Uranus (55k each)(max 20)

My lots 0 xp:
Madabook, 8k, max 200
Tortuga, 8k, max 80
#achn, 19k, max 35
Skipper, 11k, max 45
Wilkinson, 16k, max 10
Mamba, 15k, max 20

Looking for 0 xp:
Elya Cr, 650k
Tessa Cr, 880k
NDololo Cr, 300k
Lao Cr, 480k
Cassio Cr, 150k


Nice thanks for info smiley

Trading My GURU CR 0 XP for max + supplement.
Just MP offers and I'll take the best one smiley

friday 24/04

I'd like to exchange my Guru Cr and Kiki Cr 0xp for fully evolved versions. I don't need additional clintz for the exchange, the prices on the market are pretty close as it is.
PM me if you want to do this!

Hi I'm trading my dragan MT for 16M in card value.
the offer has to include a DJ KHORR (10 M)


1st Ymirah Max:
I value the card at 3.2 M, and I want a Dounia Mt (3.2 M as well) in exchange.
2nd Ymirah (0xp):
I value the card at 3.4 M for 3 Merweiss (1.1 M per unit, maxed out prefered)

Mp --> Offer with cards.

Give me a pm if deal

thursday 23/04

I can trade in another way you want,
I just want this two and I can offer this cards or maybe anothers

Selling Splata CR 0xp for 2.3M, message me if interested.

I am looking for Scarlett Mt any xp for my

DJ Korr Cr 0 xp
Lady Metia Cr 0 xp
Splata Cr 0 xp
Caelus cr 0 xp
+ negotiable cash

PN me

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