thursday 08/01/2015

Trade 5 Selina 0xp x Sera M1 0xp

wednesday 07/01/2015

Thank yousmiley
but selsya is still missing smiley

I have:
1 more Noctezuma 0xp
1 more Yayoi 0xp
2 El Divino 0xp 38K/each

tuesday 06/01/2015

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a Lamar Cr at any xp, I'm offering:

2x Veenyle 0xp
1x Marco Cr 0xp
1x Caelus Cr 0xp
1x Jackie Cr 0xp
1x Tanaereva Cr 0xp
plus 95k in clintz

If you are interested or have any offers, PM me.
Thank you for your attention.

Rhed cr jane ramba cr trade

Minhas cr full xp + complemento por 0 xp

sao elas:

Jane Ramba Cr
Rhed Cr
Chad Bread Cr
Lost Hog Cr
Amiral Py Cr

Quem tiver interessado mande mp para negociarmos o complemento

obrigado smiley

I offer dounia cr 0xp + kalindra cr 0xp + 25000 clints

Runned out of dregn just Wee lee left.


Marco Cr and Konrad gone

monday 05/01/2015

Please my dalhia cr and kolos for you khalindra cr smileysmiley

X 3 Terry Cr 39 k
x 2 Chikko Cr 56 k
x 2 Kawamashi Cr 23 k
x 1 Lost Hog Cr 20 k
x 2 Boris Cr 35 k
x 1 Diyo Cr 100k
x 2 Veenyle Cr 76 k
x 2 Amiral Py Cr 44k
x 2 Rhedd Cr 40 k
x 2 Sakura Cr 18 k
x 2 Noodile Cr 46 k
x 2 Heegrn Cr 31 k
x 2 Sylth Cr 160 k
x 2 Jane Ramba Cr 120 k
x2 Chiara Cr 80 k

~ 988 k

Btw you should try the French forum, they like 0XP CR's smiley

Hello I bought your ruru 0XP to 27k in my head vp thank you

I will trade sigmund cr for other crs for example
Selsya Cr, Beltran Cr, Miss Twice Cr, Alec Cr, Caelus Cr, Kalindra Cr, Cassio cr, Hombre cr, Pericles, clintz, etc
mi priority is Tanaebara cr and Jim Cr, but i no have trouble for acept some no playable cr for complete the value in the market.


me : 4 stella 0xp = 32k
you : ruru 0xp : 32k


Almost all are 0xp

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