wednesday 08/10/2014

Hi, i want to trade:

Dounia cr full exp (260k) for caelus cr any exp (180k) + 80k cash

Dounia cr full exp (260k) for kalindra cr any exp (175k) + 85k cash

If you're interested, contact me by pm smiley

tuesday 07/10/2014

I think he tried to say " i am trading my splata cr for that cards "

Intrested in tameshi 0xp ? bulk off course smiley

Do you accept lots? smiley

Sorry but I'm not interested in lots.

Trade done Dr_Censored smiley

Hi! I propose to you my offert in cash for all lots:

400 Doug Snop ---> 1.000/u
400 Mahimatah ---> 1.800/u
400 Dr Norton ---> 450/u
300 Westwood ---> 325/u
300 Yodd ---> 1.700/u
150 Oxo ---> 1.550/u
I can buy all today, all in cash smiley

200 Tameshi ---> 2.200/u, Send me, i buy now.

monday 06/10/2014

Add lot:
37 methane 0 xp
8,5k t

Everything is negociable

Buy lots of Diana 0exp 9k / each . Contact exclusively in private message. Payment preferably in cash but I am willing to listen to other proposals.

Thanks spyke.
I close this subject to make new - better one

Hi, Trading cards for things from other games is not allowed sorry.

Mafioso bought a leader for 10k smiley

Hi all

sell or trade

100 Krung 0xp 2.700 (270.000)

55 Maurice 0xp 15.000 ( 825.000)

cash or trade for crs

- Dragan Cr Full/0xp 850k/880k
- Lamar Cr full/0xp 800k/820k
- Tessa Cr full/0xp 790k/810k
- Kerozinn Cr full/0xp 650k/680k
- Vickie Cr full/0xp 600k/620k
- Tanaereva Cr full/0xp 320/350k
- Jackie Cr full/0xp 220/240k
- Alec Cr full/0xp 200k
- Caelus Cr full/0xp 170/180k
- Kalindra Cr full/0xp 155/170k
- Smokey Cr 0xp 100k
- Dhalia Cr 0xp 100k
- Blaaster Cr Full/0xp 150k
- and others crs
im add clinz or cards for marlysa Cr or Sum sam Cr

Grouchy at 13k , Kolos at 57k

Trolls.............. smiley

I buy 2 Miss Twice Cr 0xp and 2 miss twice cr full for 320k/head, in my private sales!

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