tuesday 04/11/2014


I want to change my Armanda Cr which I estimate 1,4M - that's more than 2kk below market price.

I search for:
- Cash
- Lots (not all, I'm going to choose)
- Tanaereva Cr
- Kerozinn Cr
- Splata Cr
- other playable Crs (also goona choose which)

Via private sale

Cheers Gott_Hard

Sold on the market for 450k no ragrets

Good luck matesmiley

I have traded the characters smiley

Hi how much u offer for 400 Tasty tast 0xp

17 Bridge any xp for 1 Noctezuma any XP

monday 03/11/2014

I need Marysa cr full for 1.42M cash
put in private sales if interested.

302k and sold.

Hmm i didnt know. and i believe he is available now as other players have him smiley

Moi Noctezuma+Uranus/El Divino for DJ KORPS

PM moi

They are currently sitting at minimum of 81k on the market.

Can offer 310k cash

Pm me for a good trick smiley , i know a really good one

275000 a award

sunday 02/11/2014

I am selling 161 Clive mostly 0xp under 15-20 are mixed/full xp I value each clive at 13k and for the full lot at 2,093,000 i accept lots of riots any xp or clintz
pm for faster responses

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