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tuesday 10/01/2017

Ymirah and rex sweig for tana

Buying 0xp for 3900

Trade :
- Guru Cr (12 000 000)
- DJ Korr Cr (11 200 000) 0xp

Search :
- Ongh (145 000/t) UNLIMITED
- Jackie Cr (400 000/t) MAX 10
- Ymirah (350 000) MAX 10

MP if interested

Selling xantiax robb

1 kurt 0xp for 1 peeler any xp

The rule of closing threads upon trade completion is nonexistent in our community (at the moment).

I can Trade one Pandora 0xp for one Faiza 0xp please dont use technicalitys because my english isnt good.

monday 09/01/2017

20k each one, or a average 340k card

I add the difference

Hi, can you state how many you have and at what level?


100 lafleur now vs tessa cr

Aegis sold, only kurt and toorg remains.

you need to estimate the cards as well
thanks !

I read really good stuff about him. I mean better then Kolos!!smiley
I need 1 plz for 50clintz smileysmileysmiley

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