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friday 17/07/2015

Also looking for arno at 30k each.
trade for 0xp campbell at 19k each
arno can be any xp

The first Rahi sledon is 16k in market

thursday 16/07/2015

Trade Caelus cr (199k) + 11k (Total: 210k) for Jackie cr (210k)

pm me please


Which cards do you want?

I trade Guru Cr 8m7

I want minimum 4m4 in Clintz

After i just want bug Cr smiley thx

Looking for more @600 each

wednesday 15/07/2015

Everything is gone, if you still have lots of fischer or buddy, don't hesitate to contact me, i have some other stuff to trade smiley

Hi at all, I trade 207 chikko cr ( 55 0xp )

I value this lot 5,2M (almost 25k each, considering the rarity and the quantity)

I'm looking for bulks of this clans: montana , all stars , uppers , la junta , riots , roots

I can consider all offerts if i like, thanks to all GG smiley

Hello smiley

I'm looking for some Dagg Cr 0xp or FullXp.

My offer is:
§ FullxP: 52k + 1 Greem 0xp (3k) + 2 Berghart 0xp (1,2k) § -> 56,2k/each
# 0xP: 53k/t + 1 Greem 0xp (3k) + 2 Berghart 0xp (1,2k) # -> 57,2k/each

Lots (+10) ---------> MP! smiley


Im buying 30 victor for 370 clintz each message me if intrested.

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Hi Leo cr for 1.2 M

Change the 6k to dolly cr full instead.

tuesday 14/07/2015

2 Mahimatah 0xp 5.800
13 Dr Alma 0xp 25.870
3 Skyler 0xp 4.800
4 MC Leroy 0xp 5.000
Total 41.470

Is it a good offer for you?

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