sunday 01/02/2015

Will someone trade their Copper Cr for Slyde Cr, and Marco Cr? That would really be a help. ~Thanks~

Hi all,

i'm looking to buy Josephine at any xp. I can offer 16k cash.

thanks !

I'm buying lots if larry 500 clints ph plus have lots of dolly to trade

Kero 760k. Tanman 370k
Not interested in Manon. thanks

J'echange blaaster cr (183k) + seraM1 (23k) pour Kalindra Cr (199k).

Tu gagne 7,000 clints avec l'echange smiley

Tanaereva for 3 yayoi cr 6 dolly cr + compliments


Any combination of Marco Cr 0 xp, Copper Cr, and 10 Dorian 0 xp that meets market value.

PM me if you want to make other arrangements.

saturday 31/01/2015

For 250 each. Thanks a lot smiley

18 dounia cr ( 8 0xp + 10 full xp ) + 2 pericles 0xp

[BUY] Yayoi 0 xp 82k priv sale

Saludos smiley

cambio o vendo mi ejemplar de

armanda cr 0xp valorada en 1.600.000 precio actual del mercado

busco a Marlysa Cr valorada en 1.510.000 en el market ( me es indiferente si es full o 0xp )

o 1.550.000 clinz

en caso de cambio por esa no preciso de complemento una por la otra 0 complementosmiley

gracias a tod@s smiley

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