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saturday 20/08/2016


[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card(s) you want to buy.
State the price that you want to pay; only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

friday 19/08/2016

I'm buying an Ursula any xp (100-105k) for 13 Gertrud FULL(10k x 13 = 130k).

I have 52 Gertrud FULL(10k x 52 = 520k). I will sell them all for 450k CLINTZ(70k free).

PM me! Prices negotiable.

I'm no computer expert or anything XD, but I think it's just take some time longer because the server is busy or something? smiley

Ruru is gone.

Any compensation with clintz? 5 for 5 means I'm losing 200ksmiley

PM if you wanna negotiate

Smokey Cr(450k) + Ursula(115k)=565k for 57 Gertrud(598k)
I'm fine with that.

thursday 18/08/2016

I think its because I never got a conformation email so I couldn't activate my account fully.smiley
Anyway I sent them a message.

Or talk here. Seems to be the only place that works lol.


enfin vous présenter un ensemble de bigs 0XP smiley

je mets encherches

1--> dj korr cr 0xp
==== pdd - > dj korr cr full xp + 50k

2--> guru cr 0xp
====pdd - > guru cr full xp + 50k

3--> kiki cr 0xp
====pdd-> kiki cr full xp + 50k

4--> general cr 0xp
====pdd-> general cr full xp + 50k

5--> lyse teria cr 0xp
====pdd-> lyse teria cr full xp + 50k

6--> rass cr 0xp
====pdd-> rass cr full xp + 20k

7--> tessa cr 0xp
====pdd-> tessa cr full xp + 30k

je accept :

tout les cr's 0xp only
ex :
edd cr - 80k,
kinichaw cr- 85k
rowdy cr - 110k
et cr's proposes smiley

fin le encherche 19/8/16 20h00


I want to trade my Chad Bread Cr x1 for a Edd Cr, Marco Cr or Zatman Cr

I'll accept 500k for them all!
(71k each)

I can add more how many do u want?

I'm selling 7 Ironjaws
3 x 0xp IronJaw(72k)
4 x Full IronJaw(76k)

Cards wanted:
Smokey Cr

Actual price will be determined at the time of Trade.

All offers are considered, even cards not on the wanted list.

Full Xp ones are 76k(3k for the xp)

Prices are negotiable.

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