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tuesday 03/09/2013

Players of 5-10 level can also join us.

Join us! We are a new Urban rivals guild. We Will Go Far Just Need to play a lot. Please Message ME If you want to join. Don't hesitate because we will be one of the greatest guilds out there! Best and Must Useful player will be awarded. So Dont be scared and come join us. Please also bring some of you friends with you thanks! Any Questions message me . If you have someone to recruit tell them to go to this link . guild:1836488


To Become An Admin : (Must Complete ALL)

1. Must Recruit 3 members
2. Must Have a Higher Then 1100 ELO
3. Must Have 5+ Wins In A Row In Survive EXTENDED
4. Must Be Determined Loyal By The Guild Leader.
5. Must Always Have Full Activity By the end of the Week.
6. Must At Bought Credits At a Certain Point

How To Be Rewarded : (Complete 1 for reward)

1. Recruit 7 Member's (Rare Card)
2. Have 1300+ ELO (Rare Card)
3. 13 Matches Won In A Row In Survivor EXTENDED (Rard Card)


Please Be Nice And Friendly . The Rules Might Be Edited At Anytime. Any Smart Ideas/Suggestions Please Private Message Me.

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monday 02/09/2013

Tell us more about your guild rather than a useless 'bump' post. That will drive more away than it will attract.

Same goes to your own member saying that the guild isn't that great... lol.

Hi guys please join this guild will help with sharing of cards and many more. So please help me out by joining this guild many prizes to be given away in my events, the one event that I made is for the 1st prize winner is for a Charlie


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Ever feel that because you are low level or even high level that most guilds won't let you join even if you are friends? Well Starshard of hope is the guild for you! Don't care about the level hey you can be even level 9 and a novice and I will still accept you so join Starshard of hope today!


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Legendary domination is right. smiley

sunday 01/09/2013

Come and join Legendary domination! we will always accept more members. ANYONE CAN APPLY NOW.

To be fair, their account creation dates are apart from each other...

BUT since I wasn't mentioned in Post 12 I automatically assume they're multiaccounts now trolololol

Hey guys just made my guild so feel free to join:


Are many events to take part in...

Apply here: guild:1868756

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We are looking for fun, mature active players!
English speaking

saturday 31/08/2013

Sorry if you have some awful memories with this name but I can't change it and if you like to join it you are welcomed.

And thank you Hoatzin for wishing me good luck.

Cardfight vanguard. It is one of the clans.

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
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[RECR] = Recruitment
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friday 30/08/2013

I always thought "lfg" meant "looking for a gay", hence why I've been using that tag on everything nowadays. LFG: the nutella of the message boards. smiley

Well not exactly. You have kates 5% to consider.

A 20k buy sold for 24-25k. Much better smiley

If you're looking for Bran, you've come to the right place. That's like asking the bank if they have money, asking Fonzie if he's cool, or asking Nicholas Cage if he's ever been in a bad movie. Heck yes we have Bran to spare, my man. Partake of the Bran and clear out the pipes. You'll feel a lot better, I promise.

And yes, for the record, I am clinically insane. It's cool, though. The team of specialists responsible for my care tell me that not only are my prospects good, I am totally fit to be heading up the most bumpin', Bran-representing guild in Urban Rivals history!!! Really. They tell me that. Maybe I can have one of them write it down on some fancy stationery if you still don't believe me.

In all actuality, I am intrigued by people stating there are those out there that rival my insanity. I find this hard to believe, but am intrigued nonetheless. Normally, I do not stray far from my fantastic looking, awe inspiring bubble, but this news may convince me to do so. It was bound to happen eventually. One does not conquer the world in a bubble.

Editor's Note: fixed some language to be PG rated smiley

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wednesday 28/08/2013

Higher level doesn't mean more experience. If it would, how could lower level players beat the higher level players?
Just because someone has a lower level doesn't mean he's some retard and can't help newer players develop.

Here we go, were getting bigger. Join us now!

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