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wednesday 06/11/2019

Send PM to me if you want to deal the price
Thank you

Looking for a straight trade can add clintz or cards if necessary

Hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm looking for Shawoman Cr (1.6M) and Berserkgirl Cr (2M), any exp, possibly together.

I offer in exchange: Miss Twice Cr Full (1.6) + Atkinson 0xp (350K) X2 + Death Adder 0xp (750K) + CASH

Contact me via pm if interested! smiley

10.5kk cash + 130x Bertie for your DJ Korr Cr

tuesday 05/11/2019

600K Each pm me if interested

Alternatively will sell for 25 mil

I found 3, i want more smiley

Hello, i offer you Kiki Cr 0xp + 6m clintz vs General Mt
Is it ok for you?

monday 04/11/2019

Hi im looking for 1 Manon Mt 0xp , i have various propositions for the trade, but i specify that im looking for only 1 Manon Mt.
Here is the list of my propositions:

1) 19M cash
2) Scarlett Mt 0xp
3) 50 Uchtul Cr 0xp + 1M
4) 40 Dwain Cr 0xp
5) 33 Thaumaturge Cr 0xp + 550k

Write here or if you can also send me private message for fast answers, good game!

Still searching, prices are negotiable smiley

sunday 03/11/2019

I have some bulk crs and a few various MTs as well a few others and about 3 or 4 million in clintz. Who has one to trade?

I have lizbeth MT x1 max xp

Sold for 1 Graksmxxt MT and 30 Oon Cr. Thanks mods and please close

I am also adding a Mechakolos Cr to the offer

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