saturday 31/01/2015

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Also, stop messaging me and calling me a scammer! how am i a scammer!

i know my cards aren't worth much, but i'm not trying to steal kolos. i know it's very valuable to some people

Stop jerking me around.

I've sent you a couple offers, and you still haven't told me if you even want to make a deal.
Your last response to an explicit "Do you still want to trade?" was "Sorry, bye."
And now you want to trade again? What's going on, man.

Vte means only sell, ech is a trade.

I'm interested, but Tessa is extremely inflated right now. Maybe sometime in the future.

ACA CONTINUED BELOW: Sakrohm: Venus TrinmkkT WoodXsxt Zbuz Virginia.

Apologies is not entered in the whole post. Change only by Bangers and Fang Pi Glan not make another offer than by that only accept change equal to the value of my letter market.
Here where I have put the two clans:

Bangers: Angie Blaaster Cr Doug Snop Garrik Graff Loocio Massiv MC Pearl Leroy Randal Shann Tasty Tast

Fan Pi Clang: Chan Chun Fei Lihoi Lost Hog Cr Muntendon Ralph Sayura Shifou Shizawa Tameshi Yoshida Zhu Tang.

Those are the ones I have therefore they are not there I'm missing. The change is effected by VP.
Greetings and thanks

friday 30/01/2015


I trade 12 Blaaster cr 0xp (me) vs 30 Pericles 0xp (You)

PM smiley


How much do you value this? Any Offers?

Willing to trade for other collectors as well

If you want norma i wil do 70 norma for 5 crazy carlosmiley

I have several auctions up!
Each one contains a full 8 or 9 card deck in a single clan!

Total i have to offer ~ 530k clintz

thursday 29/01/2015

Technically a trade....

9200 clintz

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