thursday 05/03/2015

Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr , Jackie Cr, Mona, Zatman, Lady, Edd Cr, Haze for u General Cr.

Hi! I trade my shawoman cr 0xp 890k + 110k cash or in cards (how do you better prefer) vs Lamar cr (1M)



i'm looking to buy lots of the cards below, cash in my PS smiley

- La Bestia 0xp ---> 16k/t
- Norman 0xp ---> 800ctz/t
- Beef 0xp ---> 2,3k/t
- Noodile Cr 0xp ---> 19,5k/t

Hello all it would be my pleasure to exchange my naginata full xp (17)k for your ray (full xp)...card which can fill the price gap can be decided...thanx

Also can add clintz for a jackie cr

Looking to trade 1 Baby Q RB (240k value) for a cr or crs of comperable value. Please post or pm me offers. Thanks smiley

wednesday 04/03/2015

Can I do another offer for ur splata cr?

Hi, I have 1 vickie cr full whom I no longer require.
I value her at 690k in cash, or 700k in cards.
I would prefer cash, but I will consider all offers. Thank!

I wanna get this cr :

tessa cr : 950k
dragan cr : 1.1M
splata cr : 910K smiley

2 Magnolia and 2 Dawn for 65K or 70K?

tuesday 03/03/2015

Hi i'm looking for, and i propose:

100 Corrina 0xp (4k/tete) vs 10 Ruru 0xp (40k/tete)---> 400k vs 400k
100 Nellie 0xp (6k/tete) vs 15 Ruru 0xp (40k/tete)-----> 600k vs 600k
100 Grace 0xp (8k/tete) vs 20 Ruru 0xp (40k/tete) ----> 800k vs 800k

Translation in private sales

UP 275 full xp 300 0xp smiley

Sell to. Brahmaman. Close theme. smiley

I want armanda cr to for my collection, i value her 1.3kk.

my cards :tanaereva cr (350k) kalindra 0 xp (200k) 300k cash and othere 450k of cards over 50k smiley Pm me for offer

Im also looking for eryton any xp valuing at 4k each

monday 02/03/2015

Good evening

i buy:
30 wakai 2,8k to head

in my private sales


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