wednesday 14/01/2015

1 0 XP Quinn = 3.7-3.8K for me...
if interested,let me know smiley

If u interested in Lyse pm me

Possible for 28 Timescape,
Via private sells

Sorry...xd...i sell mercury 0 xp, i value 9k each.

i search everythin, some prices.

rahi sleldon 16.5k each.
Sera M1: 20k each.
Stompah 12.2k each.
Daddy Jones 15k.
sum sam cr::1.2m
lamar cr 1m.60k.

but i can accept anything. ty

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tuesday 13/01/2015

Lot 3 sold

Still have these available, trade value now at 7.1k p/u or for clintz valued at 7370 clintz p/u PM me to discuss

Looking for Octana (any XP) in exchange for:

Raskal 0xp
Mercury 0xp
Gaia 0xp
1k clintz

Have additional cards at less than 8k that I can supplement for Gaia +1k clintz.

PM for quicker response.


Ambrose also sold for 125Quinn 0 XP...smileysmileysmileysmiley
thnks smiley

Trade My kiki cr + complement by Dj Korr cr

I send PM and still no answer....

My Dregn for your Mona trade. PM me if you wanna trade.

I didn't know there is a charity in UR xD

monday 12/01/2015

Vickie cr 0 exp
Armanda 0 exp

trading for full + complement

I'm looking for some Pericles 0xp 72k each,
I have:
-2 Tanaereva Cr 0xp - 350k each
-1 Jackie Cr 0xp - 240k
-3 Kalindra Cr 0xp - 209k each
-15 Ruru 0xp - 28k each
-1 Zatman 0xp - 30k
-Cash to complete an offer.

I'm waiting for your offers!

Guru >9.1M< can do for 9
Lyse>5.9M< 6 is ok

just market price it is

Xinshu found. still missing only vermyn N

I have 17x kephren smiley

East coast yo

Im strapped dawg

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