friday 26/09/2014

Change my Cr Jackie, I am interested Pericles, Noctezuma, NGHAs and Tsubame ...
listen to offers

Seems reasonable to me gl on your sells!

Ive had offers just nothing i currently want

prices are negotiable of course
nothing is set in stone smiley

thursday 25/09/2014

Well i dont want to be a spoilsport but these threads are not allowed on the forums.. i request u to dont repeat these mistakes in d future

Edit: To go straight to the gallery, go to instead.

Hi, change mi lot of 30 D4 Funk 0xp 10k each for 65 Pr Hartnell 0xp 4600 each
Trade for vp

Oxen for 2k pls pls pls smiley

wednesday 24/09/2014

Lamar 0 xp for your lamar full and 10k complement

Hi eng forum smiley

I sell 1000 Ganx 0xp for 1.1k/each
TOT: 1M 100K.
Not separable

Accept only cash, thanks smiley

Hello all, I'm buying Splata cr for 770k, pm me smiley

Do you have any old Linda ?

CO_Moctezuma - Legend - CONCORDIA® Español
Today at 04:03
1 0XP
1 Full
for Caelus Cr and Dhalia Cr

go send me 2 miss twice cr
i will send u caelus and dalhia cr smiley

Still buying Marco Cr

The title says all
i have 29 proffer man 0xp to offer
i value them at 1k/each
that makes it 29k
looking for cash mainly but would listen to other offers as wel..
pm me for faster response

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