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sunday 12/07/2015

Selling 1x Vickie Cr, max level.
Current offer is 610, 000 slightly lower than the lowest market price as of the time this was written (614, 99smiley.

Open to negotiation. Preferable communication is private message, instead of this thread, but this thread will also be read from time to time.

I am not putting an estimation or a price I would pay because I'm trying to get it as cheaply as possible. Thank you again smiley

I didn't even know it was not legal awwww I will try delete hit I tough some people wanted epopel to test new deck my bad smiley

saturday 11/07/2015

Oxana 0xp 650c in vp thanks

Come on!!nobody else has an emeth cr 0exp?

Je vente 100x Haaken 0xp 7,5k/tete

Shawoman cr for 930k

write here |

I have cards and clintz

No flavio cr 0xp 1.799.990 clintz

Only scarlett cr 0exp is still avaible

She's about 34k on the market right now, so yes my price is 1k more

38 Bengal 0xp for 1 Vickie cr full?

friday 10/07/2015

15 Liona 0xp for your Caelus Cr?

Are you interest by lots like: mokra 0xp, saki 0xp, kawamashi cr 0xp?

Sell/Trade Elya Cr for 823,990 Clintz or against cards worth 823,990 Clintz

WTB YOUR Lady for 45k any level, PM if interested, thanks

thursday 09/07/2015

Chiara cr 40.9k /head

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