monday 29/12/2014

Got all missing kinichaw and devil dog only

Konrad (full) , Sylth Cr (full) , and Mona (0xp)
for your Caelus Cr or Blaaster Cr (any xp) or 210k

sunday 28/12/2014

What are your values there Susa because I think they are higher than what I was estimated I do understand those are big 0xp lots

Sold Thank You!

If you wanna trade I am looking for some Piranas:
Amiral Coco 8k
Parmabarb 14k
Raskal 7k
Hawkins 18k

Got Toro and Ksendra.. 61k left for the rest. So the cards left that I need are:

- XU52
- Lin Xia
- Methane
- Draheera
- Hriger
- Bristone
- Anibal
- Vladimir

I accept most 0xp Crs. I can sell in lots of 10..smiley

Looking for Caelus Cr

I was curious to see what people would offer though i may just trade him + some compliment for a DJ Korr Cr I have playable cr cards like Emeth Cr Kenny Cr Blaaster Cr ect... smiley

YAYOI 12 or 13 for copernica I don't care about the exp.

saturday 27/12/2014

Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following big 5

Guru Cr full exp 9.5m
General Cr 0exp 8.5m

i accept:

cash ( min. 3m)
cr playables like Caelus Cr 190k, Kerozinn Cr 700k, Tanaereva Cr 330k etc etc

if you are interested contact me

trade in private sale

I can trade your card for my Tameshi

I am looking for an elo deck of a single clan
I am interested in following clans:
1- Uppers
2- Vortex
3- La Junta
4- Rescue

If the deck is around 60k I can buy it.

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