saturday 27/12/2014

I can trade your card for my Tameshi

I am looking for an elo deck of a single clan
I am interested in following clans:
1- Uppers
2- Vortex
3- La Junta
4- Rescue

If the deck is around 60k I can buy it.

New offer good offer :

60 Heegrn Cr 0 xp 16.6k/t =>1m
10 Kenny Cr 0 xp 85k/t => 850k
1 Dounia Cr full xp => 400k
150 Tomoe 0 xp 8k/t => 1m2
3 Jackie Cr 0 xp 255k/t => 765k
40 C Wing 0 xp 8.5k/t => 340k
40 Cyb Lhia 0 xp 6k/t => 240k
40 Oflgn 0 xp 9k/t => 340k
250 Deea 0 xp 3.2k/t => 800k => 5935k

+ 100 000 clintz
Total : 6 035 000 clintz

friday 26/12/2014

3 found, i search more

Hello smiley

I buy all of your:

Keitha 0xp - 1050 Clintz/U
Weifang 0xp - 1100 Clintz/U

Thank you smiley

Valued at Market Price.

Done, thanks smiley

Wrong forum , missing tag...i close

Wanting to trade/sell these items:

Ambrose Cr 0 exp - 430,000 Clintz value

Looking for:

- Caelus Cr Full Exp - 200k

- Kalindra Cr Full exp - 210k

- Clintz.


Don't bother offering other Crs.
All offers by pm.
Don't bother offering less than 430k total.


Ahhahah great shanks XD good holydays to everybody my friends smileysmileysmiley

Cant you do one of them 1 credit offers and then you unlock it?

Too many 6's in one sale for me but buy these up for the steal! smiley

thursday 25/12/2014

Hi everybody again, I have now an A Award CR to sell at market price, 379.500 Clintz, or to change for CR playable cards or normal ones (not more than 3 or 4 copies of each).

Interested I listen offers.

I Will do it in further posts for this is not necessary as it as been already charged it. I close the post.

0 xp 4,5k
full xp 4,4k

Send me mp if interested, thanks

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