saturday 08/11/2014

Im also trading for cards to looking for allstar berzerk gheist piranas vortex or a mix of card and clintz

friday 07/11/2014

6x Alexandrea 1,2k/cad
5x Boomstock 4k/cad
3x De Couture 1,2k/cad
1x Dr Copernica 31k
2x Farman 7k/cad
5x Geo 200/cad
2x Grace 7k/cad
4x Grouchy 13k/cad
4x Kenjy 450/cad
1x Lindsey 7k
2x Molder 400/cad
3x Pericles 72k/cad
1x Pr Hartnell 4,5k
7x Reeplay 700/cad
4x Vera 1,7k/cad

all for 382k
accept offers

That is most definitely an insane amount you are asking there buddysmiley

Bristone* sorry

Of course, without complements.

If anyone is interested i can trade whith cr (700k) smiley

thursday 06/11/2014

Like I wrote I buy a Kerozin Cr any evo (actually 730k), I can offer 600k + a Robb Cr(70k) .
The total price I offer is 670k. If somebody is interested please contact me smiley

Estimate la cobra 0xp pls

Sorry, I don't know why I postet this here. Delete please.

I am looking for Emeth Cr which I value 89k.
For trade I have Dregn (74k) and Noctezuma (80k) the missing clintz can be paid by me in cards or Clintz


I search for Kerozinn Cr (740k) and Tanaereva Cr (330k)

For change I have: Lamar Cr (910k) + Dregn (70k) / Noctezuma (80k) / Kenny Cr (85k) / Dalhia Cr (125k) (depending on which card you choose additional to Lamar there hast to be a compliment to Kero and Tana)

But also other combinations are possible:
Tanaereva Cr +30k contre Dregn + Noctezuma + Kenny Cr + Dalhia Cr
Or Kerozinn Cr + Cash for Lamar Cr


Blaaster cr *

Sell :
Tessa cr 0xp 825k cash
Mp thanks

Hi i want to sell or trade hammer if selling i can sell him for 15 K or trading if u have anny offer

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