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thursday 20/08/2015

You can also put a private sell to me if you interested.

I low down the price now. Romana Full XP at 35.5k Clintz. If you want,PM me.

wednesday 19/08/2015

Still searching smiley

tuesday 18/08/2015


Je vends mon Ambrose Cr 0xp (480k/t)

Je Recherche:

1) 480k cash
2) des cartes

Merci smiley

Estime kiki cr and lyse teria cr and aldebaran cr please

Nobody interested?

I have alec rc 0exp

monday 17/08/2015

Hi i sell / trade 60 Miss Lizbeth 0XP 7,7k/ea

Looking for cr playable like Dagg cr 60k , Jackie Cr 230k , Caelus Cr 200k ,,,,


Hi i sell / trade 70 buddy 0XP 14,5k/ea

Looking for cr playable like splata cr 950k , jackie cr 230k , caelus cr 200k ,,,,


Sorry I sold Kiki


Even if it is, I don't think we can check the release dates that far into the past.

Hey guys, I have a Shawoman Cr 0xp that I'm looking to trade. What I'm looking for is a Kerozinn Cr for a straight trade, but I will also consider other offers. PM me for a faster response. I value Shawoman Cr at 850k (market value right now).

Hi guys,

I'm trading a General Cr 0xp for Lyse Teria Cr (any xp) + 1M in cards/cash.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Splata Cr 950k
Tessa Cr 940k
Lamar Cr 900k
Kerozinn Cr 820k
Vickie Cr 610k
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 420k
Jackie Cr 0xp 230k
Caelus Cr 0xp 200k

Aldebaran cr 0exp+ seldnor cr 0exp+5 chiara cr 0exp for ndololo cr

Still looking for an Elya Cr.

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