wednesday 10/12/2014

Hi folks,

I'm looking for Tasty Tast's for 2.1k/each
Put them in my private sale smiley



I want to buy Marlysa Cr to complete collector :

I offer 1 600 000 clintz cash

tuesday 09/12/2014

I would also take card and clintz with the value of Sum Sam Cr 0xp

Well sorry mate, someone just bought all

Rhed C and Andsom bought...

Dalhia Cr and Smokey Cr left, i would trade for 3 nocte 0 xp

Looking for lao cr +350k
pm me for negotiations
only interested in the above exchange

21 willy 0xp for 5 noctezuma 0xp smiley

monday 08/12/2014

You have a Pm smiley


wrong forum read rules before posting.

But it does not try to make them as they are, if not upload a little lonely,smiley and also in the future will be worth more than 900 clintzs smiley

Damn, he jumped to over 28k. Still looking, though... NBs are coming Friday, so he'll take a plunge right about then anyway.

Up! still looking

sunday 07/12/2014

Mainly looking for cash. 95k a piece! smileysmiley

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