sunday 16/11/2014

it's not a provocation
250/e i take them all if u want smiley

i will go to sleep , so if okay put them in my PS


Hi, please can you post in English on the English forum. Thank you.

Please be careful when lending cards.

Raise to 630k for elya crsmiley

Full xp

I have some clintz on hand right now and want to buy some CRs

Miss twice Cr 350k
Vickie CR 620k
Kenzorinn Cr 650k
Dounia Cr 350k

Also, I have some cards for sell or trade:
32 Jean 0xp 6k3 per head
52 Beeboy 0xp 27k5 per head

If you have another offer pm me. Thanks smiley

Hi, i want to trade:
•10 Yayoi (9 0exp, 40k/each + 1 full 35k) [395k tot.]
•5 Daddy Jones full14.5k/each
•5 Oraya (1 0exp) 24k/each

•Copper cr 0exp/full (80k)
•Dounia cr 0exp/full (380k)

If you are interested, contact me by pm smiley

[trade] My Dregn +11k C for your Noctezuma
pm me

saturday 15/11/2014


I have a Sum Sam Cr 0xp who I value 1.2m

I would like to trade this old beast for Lamar Cr (900k) and a 300k comp

I don't really mind what the comp is to be honest, just give me an offer smiley

I trade 7 jackie cr full (250k/each)

I search:
- Jackie cr 0xp 255k
- Alec cr 240k


I have 450 Vektor 0xp, 8k9 each. You can buy them individually or by the lot, just PM me how many you want.
Feel free to PM me to propose a trade, too.

I want 690000 for her that is after the 5% has been taken out or cr I don't have and cards I don't have plz pm or write ur offer here

I don't think so brah smiley

friday 14/11/2014

Bye ! Close

My kolos and ghumbo for:

Wee lee


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