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saturday 13/06/2015

Manon cr 0xp + 4 ruru 0xp for ndololo

Hi, I'm buying all your Samantha 0xp for 475 clintz each

Put in private sale and I will buy them all

friday 12/06/2015

Full XP. Valued at 7,3m clintz. smiley

May as well close this, to prevent people from taking advantage. smiley


I buy tobbie 0xp 600/e


That's against the Terms and Conditions of UR: https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/player/cgv.php
I'm closing the topic.
Please don't try to buy or sell in-game resources for real currency in the future, doing so will most likely result in a ban.

How many for 200 oflgn 0xp ?

31 Veenyle cr full.

Update: Now trading IronJaw 0xp for Tanaereva Cr or Miss Twice Cr any xp.

13 rowdy cr 0xp + 0k its oksmiley

thursday 11/06/2015

i buy tobbie 0xp 600/t and orlok 0xp 450/t


Sell 500 molder 0xp for 950/e


I buy : Hikiyousan 0xp : 18k each one


I sell 4 copy of cortez 0 xp 53k each contact me in private

Hi, i want to trade my kiki cr 0xp 7.100k
i'm looking for:

playable cr like Lamar Cr 950 Vickie Cr 620 Jackie Cr 225k full 235k 0xp ecc.

I accepte ;
my alec cr full vs 3 Yayoi Cr (2x 0xp) + 1 Sera M1 smiley

Hi smiley

i have to trade this cr :
- 98 Dounia Cr full 260k/t
- 23 dounai cr 0xp 280k/t

I serch :
-Pericles 0xp 78k/t
-others cr
-lots of cards 10k + maximum x50

mp me smiley

Update: trading my IronJaw 0xp + Vermyn N Rb 0xp for 2x Alec Cr any xp.

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