monday 01/12/2014

Not a proper tag though smiley

Looking to sell him for 800 000 clintz or best offer.

Down to ONLY 300k for Selsya Cr

Oh ok i seed, addition of previous cards :>

I'd like to buy Alec Cr for 235k. Pm me.
Also interested in Marco Cr.

sunday 30/11/2014

Hello, I searchs this cards lots:
Ichiko (600 c/u)
Dreen (900 c/u)
Katja (450 c/u)
Danae (250 c/u)

I have this cards:
Lady 47.5K
Saki 28.5K
Uchtul 11.5K
Thanks smiley

Hey, you need Sigmund Cr or Selsya Cr? both full?

Hello guys smiley
i would like to sell/trade:

Sigmund Cr (725k)
Selsya Cr (360k)

i´m not interested in Lo´ts of cards

i´m searching for Ulu Watu and or Skeelz
pm me, if you got an offer smiley

have a good night/day

saturday 29/11/2014

Trading 10 of my dounia crs for 1 lyse teria cr.

Selling dounia Cr 0xp. Will only consider offers above 650k

I want to sell my Sigmund Cr (720k)
and my Selsya Cr (355k)

or trade for Upper Cards
i´m searching for especially
Jackie Cr (220k)
Jim Cr (330k)

else i got mroe cards for Trade (all Vortex and Berzerk)
pm me if yoiu need other Cards, then we can discuss this privat

have a nice day
Sujin smiley

Still relevantsmiley

You add 300K we go

Hi, thanks for the advice smiley
That s what i do but some players don't want be contacted .. smiley

I am looking for a Tanaereva Cr any Xp for my Blaaster Cr 0 xp+ any clintz.
PN me smiley

I have

82 0 xp Bridge - 6000/t
12 curlix - 13500/t

for your

d4 funk (single or lot) - 10000k/t
romana (single or lot) - 59000/t

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