saturday 29/11/2014

You add 300K we go

Hi, thanks for the advice smiley
That s what i do but some players don't want be contacted .. smiley

I am looking for a Tanaereva Cr any Xp for my Blaaster Cr 0 xp+ any clintz.
PN me smiley

I have

82 0 xp Bridge - 6000/t
12 curlix - 13500/t

for your

d4 funk (single or lot) - 10000k/t
romana (single or lot) - 59000/t

9 dounia left: Lamar Cr, Kalindra Cr, Pericles, Zoe, Xingshu, La Bestia, Octana e Dr Copernica found.

36 beeboy 0xp 27k each

I'm interested in:

Miss twice cr 410k
Vickie cr 630k
Kenrozinn cr 720k

i would like to trade my Sigmund Cr (i value him at 725k) + 20k
for your Kerozinn Cr (i value her at 715k)
That´s a plus of 30k

friday 28/11/2014

I want to sell 86 houtay 0xp at 900 each


Multiple copies of cards smiley

I would like to trade my Lamar Cr full xp for GHEIST cards
i value Lamr Cr at 900k

i mostly search for:
Sigmund Cr 720k
Miss Twice Cr 410k

if you trade both i can fill up the rest with other all star cards (i got all) or with cash
pm is the fastest

Hello are you interested in shaun 0xp aaron 0xp and jackie cr 0xp ? smiley

Hello i would like to trade some shaun 0xp for Bridge 0xp.

Here is my offer :

10 Shaun 0xp (6.2K) for your Bridge 0xp (5.6K)
I can do it more than 120 times !

Thank you smiley

Deal done. Close please

I also can trade my guru cr + dounia cr (700.000) for your dj korr cr (9.700.000)

I'm looking for one copy of pericles (70k)
I have to trade Edd Cr 0xp (40k) and Pilzken full (28k)

PM smiley

Sure trade plus 500 clintz ok?

Today My offer is
I have 79 Irwigo
so i want to trade them for bhooma or ashiko or somba
my 1 irwigo for ue 1 bhooma or 1 ashiko or 1 sombo
thx in advance


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