thursday 28/08/2014

Buy Jackie Cr

my offer:

140k + Mona



I want trade my Dounia full xp vs your's 0 xp
I can add something
PM me if interested

100 wonder lana 0xp 410k cash

To be exact, i want 4 Dounia any xp +100k for my Lamar cr

Looking for Curlix, will be willing to negotiate the price, but I only offer cards

I want Kerozinn Cr + 120k
Pm me if interested. Thanks

Im trading my 0xp Dounia for
all the bangers

or good playable cards from
bangers and nightmare...thanks

Backseat modding too stronk smiley

My caelus cr Oxp +10k for your dounia smiley

200 Rahanpah for sales.

Feel free to drop in an offer :@

For 1200 each in my ps thanks smiley

Or for 10+ i'll pay 1220

Im looking for lamar cr + some clintz
pure 810k clintz

Contact me (pm) if interested
Thank u

wednesday 27/08/2014

I can also offer

-15 Heegrn Cr 0 xp for a Dounia full xp
-16 Heegrn Cr 0 xp for a Dounia 0 xp !

20 brody for 200k in vp.
Pm me

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