friday 24/10/2014

Ok me dounia 0xp for yourdounia full 15k + havok in vp

Kenny Cr 80k?

I Want full or not full idont care and i trade all cards for jackie

thursday 23/10/2014

Miss Twice CR+Charlie+Yayoi and Karrion for Elya CR

This is the English forumsmiley

I have Marlysa Cr (1.4M) Dragan Cr (1M) / Elya Cr (750K) / Swidz Cr (200K) / Seldonr Cr (150K) all full xp

I want cash or other proposes, pm!

You can close it yourself

I offer kerozinn + 600 000 for scarlett cr, no negotiable sorry

or offer n2 = shawoman cr + 450 000

I'm interested in skullface Cr full only.


Offer gone! smiley
thanks to the seller. enjoy your avi smiley
i'll see you guys in the next offer! smiley

wednesday 22/10/2014

7.4k clintz for all 198 tomoes? ill take that deal smiley unless ofc you mean its 7.4k clintz if you choose to buy them all in one gosmiley

I want to buy graks full xp for 59k in cash or 4 Vermaire+miss lulabee


No, tax still applies

Anne_Smile I'm not asking you again to specify exactly what you want for each card.
Thanks SPT rozzo smiley

I'm looking for at least 40 Grace full (7.1 k) or 0 xp (7.2k)
I offer a dounia cr 0 xp(315k)

Looking to offload 25 0xp Elvis

I am looking for lots of

For cash I'd want to sell the lot for 220 000 [8800/card]
Any other offers are welcomed.
PM for quick response.

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