wednesday 22/10/2014

Looking to offload 25 0xp Elvis

I am looking for lots of

For cash I'd want to sell the lot for 220 000 [8800/card]
Any other offers are welcomed.
PM for quick response.

For sale 60 hawk 0xp. I value at 20k each.

I can accept crs like: vickie, tessa, tanaereva pm me with offers. smiley

I trade 0xp cards

200 Quasichoco 1k5/t 300k
100 La Cobra 11k/t 1M100
100 D4 Funk 10k/t 1M
50 Brianna 8k/t 400k
110 Clara 4k5/t 495k
35 Nabrissa 14k/t 490k
42 Lumber Jack 8k/t 336k

I need

-but also 0xp cards

Uranus 22.5k/t (max 32)
Devil Dog 10k
Nobrodroid 11k

-and collectors

Jackie Cr 0xp 230k
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 320k
Kalindra Cr 0xp 170k
Dounia Cr 0xp 310k

Molder 550/T
Radek 550/T
Jautya 5K2/T
only 0xp

The trade is done,you can close this topic,thanks smiley

Dj korr cr = 9M400K smileysmiley

I Accept :

Kolos 55K
Ongh 55K
Cortez 58K
Octana 20K
Dr Copernica 30K
Grouchy 12K
Elvis 8K5
T Gaank 6K
Jautya 6K5
Dorian 18K
El Divino 30K
El Gascaro 5K/T
Artus 2K/T

Cr's ( Full/0xp ):

Marlysa Cr 1350K/1380K
Tessa Cr 810K/830K
Splata Cr 810K/830K
Kerozinn Cr 650K/670K
Vickie Cr 600K/620K
Tanaereva Cr 300K/320K


tuesday 21/10/2014

Hello friends

Seeking Kiki Cr I value in (8.8M)

This is my offer:

2.6M cash
360 Sakazuki 0exp = 615 c/u = 221.400 clintz
261 Kinjo 0exp = 6000 c/u = 1.566.000 clintz
213 Madelone 0exp = 10.800 c/u = 2.300.400 clintz
41 Magnar 0exp = 3500 c/u = 143.500 clintz
34 Vermaire 0exp = 12.800 c/u = 435.200 clintz
17 Crazy Carlo 0exp = 19.000 c/u = 323.000 clintz
1 Manon Cr 0exp = 1.220.000 clintz

= : 8.800.000 clintz

My Kerozinn Cr (750k) + 40k for your Splata Cr (800k).
I accept cash too.

-Kiki Cr(8.6m) (Full)
-Lyse Teria Cr(6,7M) + cash or Cards.

I want to trade my lama cr for jakie+kero

Sell :
Rass cr 0xp 900k
Mp for other offer thansk

Looking for cards of the Pussycat clan. Message me which 1's ur willing to sell and I'll buy them at a fair price. Thank you

I have a nukenrenbo or whatever his name is, and a hax. I could buy a miss stella, erytron, and for you. I am looking for skeelz cards for a collection. What will you offer?

Jackie cr 0xp 250k ?

monday 20/10/2014

Still finding it hard to find a trader smiley

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