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friday 23/08/2013

With a name like that, I'm surprised everyone isn't joining! (Not your Guild name, account name smiley)

thursday 22/08/2013

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Well, I think this post has sorta run its course. I had a total of 6 different guilds send me a message, and not one of them interested me. Let the retirement begin. smiley

Whatsamatter? You don't like YURTS!?smiley

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I'd love that, Reap.
But don't blame me if it sucks.smiley

When you say, "one day," it probably will only be for one day. lmfao

Maybe I should start a new guild and call it 'We Suck Donkeys United' smiley

You wanna MAKE A PLACE BY DOING A fight ? WHY HORROR ? smiley

wednesday 21/08/2013

Thanks I will, with whom do I have to speak to apply? The founder, or is there someone else in charge of that?

This guld is for Amatuers and Pros alike most important is that everyone has fun and speaking of fun Yawn does not require any kind of points per month to stay the only part you need to hold is to be active just once once a month to stay.
Yawn is basically a guild to have fun in and quizes and other fun stuff on message board is a fact so come join Yawn now

I have one question: why? For two months out of the whole year people in school are allowed to do anything they want without being forced around an 8-hour time block. People "could" spend their time on here, but in all honesty, do you really expect an online game to win over all the other outdoor-based options? And trust me, once you stay in a few of the guilds, you'll see my point on an entirely different level. smiley

monday 19/08/2013

Still looking for valuable members. Contact Cyber or me to set up your interview if you qualify smiley

19 Places left in our Guild... come in and have funsmiley

Bamboo, wasn't this recruitment thread meant for the French forum?

sunday 18/08/2013

Nice guild, exchange advice, technical and maps ... (^ _ ^)

We accept all levels.

Our forum is active but do not hesitate to let little comments.


Join N3ks

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Join us now! smiley

Legendary Knights

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thursday 15/08/2013

wednesday 14/08/2013

Please post this in the Portuguese forum smiley

tuesday 13/08/2013

I wasn't saying necessarily about straight up giving cards I meant that there are loads of possibilities to win cards and we have loads of market players which I am sure will help you use it to your advantage.

monday 12/08/2013

You are welcome to join friends of fate. Lots of knowledge and experience to benefit from, as well as full bonuses. We are always looking for new members and i think it would be mutually beneficial..

I have joined TRiNiTY but thanks for invites.

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