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saturday 21/02/2015

We can negotiate that how much rahi 0xp u want smiley

I'm pricing my Mangolia at 50,000.
Looking for:
Oraya plus another 25K(either in a card or clintz)
Xingshu plus another 25K(either in a card or clintz)

4 Pericles 0xp + Grouchy 0xp

Splata + Rowdy Cr 0 xp

I have for trade following lots:

35x Brody 0xp 13k/t

75x Doug Snop 0xp 4k/t

120x Duke 0xp 7k/t

33x Mefisto 0xp 20k/t

20x Vektor 0xp 8k/t

friday 20/02/2015

Trade baby q rb 0 xp value 230000
Am after clints or lots of cards make me an offer guys ?

Not interessed?


i want to trade my alecr CR 0exp. per full exp. + compensation.

Berserkgirl cr 0xp and smokey cr full xp for aldebaran cr

18k now due to one lovely person... oh, well. 108k in total (all 6).


I want to trade my 0xp LT for a 0xp LT + compensation.
I will into any offer.

Hello smiley

I'm looking for these cards:
Spade 0xp (1.2K)
Rahi Sledon 0xp (21K)
Kenjy Noel 0xp (190 Clintz)
Jackie Cr 0xp (235K)

For this i have :
500 Rodney 0xp (2.1K)
303 Bridge 0xp (8K)
376 Aurora 0xp (22K)
377 Aylen 0xp (5.3K)
317 Sandro 0xp (420 Clintz)
145 La Calavera 0xp (5K)
125 Corvus 0xp (6.2K)
93 SkrumxxT 0xp (8.2K)
71 Linda 0xp (3.5K)
14 Rolph 0xp (14K)
8 Buckler 0xp (14K)
1 Lyse Teria Cr 0xp (5M9)

! Special offers ! :

1 Sandro 0xp (420 Clintz) for 2 Kenjy Noel 0xp (380 Clintz)
3 Bridge 0xp (24K) > 1 Rahi Sledon 0xp (21K)
3 Sandro 0xp (1260 Clintz) > 1 Spade 0xp (1.2K)

Pm me smiley

Hello all ,

I buy all your :
Spade 0xp > 1.2K/u
Rahi sledon 0xp > 20.5K/u

In vp smiley

Received some, can buy more smiley

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