monday 10/11/2014

sunday 09/11/2014

Im buying
1 seslya .
Vickie 600k
sigmund 610k
geuner 85k
seldnor 100k
kalindra 160k
Chad bread 60k
kreen 70k
diyo 80k
page 80


Salut a tous j'echange mon tessa cr full (830k)+20k cash contre aldebaran cr si possible en 0exp

si vous etes interessè contact moi

echange en vp


Adding 2 Wee Lee's to the list

U estimate ur cards at 9m?

Sold all. But I have 80 more Lance remaining.
Traded 376 Jody and 164 Lance for Jackie and Smokey.

saturday 08/11/2014

I have her and a few other cards i could swap for your vickie cr

I think that prices will fall down after adding tokenz to elo and survivor in next few weeks smiley

10 Tomoe 0 xp vs a Copper Cr full xp
11 Tomoe 0 xp vs a Copper Cr 0 xp !!!

I need a Raven full or 0xp. i can pay 35k

Don't have the 195k clint, emeth cr or kawamashi cr but do now have pericles that i can add to the list

New Prices
Dr copernica 0xp 30K
Ruru 0xp 18K5
Jautya 0xp 6K

Im also trading for cards to looking for allstar berzerk gheist piranas vortex or a mix of card and clintz

friday 07/11/2014

6x Alexandrea 1,2k/cad
5x Boomstock 4k/cad
3x De Couture 1,2k/cad
1x Dr Copernica 31k
2x Farman 7k/cad
5x Geo 200/cad
2x Grace 7k/cad
4x Grouchy 13k/cad
4x Kenjy 450/cad
1x Lindsey 7k
2x Molder 400/cad
3x Pericles 72k/cad
1x Pr Hartnell 4,5k
7x Reeplay 700/cad
4x Vera 1,7k/cad

all for 382k
accept offers

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