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thursday 19/02/2015

Selling kawamashi CR x30 many Lvl 1 for 10000 clintz ea 900 off ea!

Thanks admins

I accept put on my ps Dounia, i send you syd noze rb 400k

Do you accept cards for 1 full xp?approximately 285k

If you add 300k cash or cr i can accept

My guru cr 0xp for guru cr full xp +5ksmiley

wednesday 18/02/2015

Hey guys, I have a lot of Dave. There are 45 copies, 13 of which are full xp, the other 32 are 0xp. I am asking 75 000 for the lot, or about 1667 each. Offer is negotiable, and I will consider any trade or a straight-up sale. PM or post here, thx

2 Baby Q Rb 0 xp +70K cash vs 1 Syd Noze Rb 0 xp smiley

Woops I meant 3,5 mil as the value.

i want to trade my 467 ielena full exp + 500clintz0/each for 467 ielena 0exp
i can accept ielena in single copy or lots.

Pm me if interested smiley

Trade :
2 miss twice cr full 800k
kerozinn cr 0xp 780k
no complement smiley

tuesday 17/02/2015

Bonjour à tous

Je souhaite échanger :

Lamar cr (Full) - 1M050
Kalindra cr (0xp) - 195K
Syd Noze rb (Full) - 660K

Pour ces 3 beaux persos je recherche :

-Vickie cr 0xp / full - 630K / 625K
-Jackie cr 0xp / full - 235K / 230K
-Copper cr 0xp / full - 85K / 80K
-Marco cr 0xp / full - 50K / 52K

Je reste ouvert aux propositions mais pas de lots de non cr smiley

Got two for 56k/e

if interested check my market post

Yep smiley

I close smiley

Are your cr 0xp too?

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