thursday 18/12/2014

Okokok i give you also +2 stahlfaust more and 10k clintz
so all together are 1.100.000clintz for lamar cr
Anyone interesseted ?

Still looking guys! smiley

15k each
16k 0xp
just put them in my private sales, ty

please PM if you have bulk

I have it now smiley

wednesday 17/12/2014

Staff really needs to make a forum for people like this, im tired of the complaining.


Thread can be closed now.

LOL sorry 900k

tuesday 16/12/2014

Will trade 100 for Dragan Cr


Woops sozl ool

I go down to 8,9m

I need some Ruru 0xp
i estime them at 25K/E

U can put them in private sales at 24K/E

Or if u look for specific cards or Collector , Juste post here or pm me
like for exemple ( Vickie cr 625K= 25 Ruru 0xp ) .....

sorry for my bad english

monday 15/12/2014

Your Kolos 0xp(56 000 ctz) for my Marco Cr Full(56 000 ctz)

PM me if interested!

sunday 14/12/2014

[Sell/Trade] 100 Bertha 0xp & 200 Houtay 0xp

Bertha 0xp -> 1250 each
Houtay 0xp -> 1065 each

I'm looking for:
- Cash
- Cr with value over 10k

Thanks smiley

No problem smiley

Add more 300k i take it smiley

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