monday 13/10/2014

I offer:
- 200 arawaka 0xp 1.6k/each
- 260 belmundo 0xp 1.2k/each
- 86 houtay 0xp 800/each

I accept:
- cash
- nahi cr 230k
- beltran cr 250k
- selsya cr 250k
- Thaumaturge Cr 240k
- A Award Cr 230k
- Skullface Cr 250k
- Dwain Cr 270k
- Jim Cr 320k
- Kerozinn Cr 650k
- elya cr 620k

Still up

sunday 12/10/2014

Good evening everyone
İ want to sell my spalata 0 XP for 850k

I want to trade my 12 Beeboy by your 1 Tanaereva Cr

800,000 put it in my PS

I want to buy your Vryer, I'll buy any Vryer for 450 Clintz. I prefer 0xp but I'll take whatever. Just send it in my private sales, THANKYOU smiley

Hello smiley

i trade my lyse teria cr 0xp (6.8m)
i accept:
cash + 2%
crs: marlysa cr 1.3M, Lao cr 900k, Lamar cr 870k, Jackie 220k, Tanaereva 310k etc.
Can also accept small lots (max 1-2)

Mp me smiley

But nobody is interested?

I'm trading 2x c wing 0xp = 14.4k for 3 Pr Hartnell any level 12k. I've only got 28 c wings so hurry smiley

saturday 11/10/2014

I didnt waNt skrumxxt :L i do know the differencesmiley

I want to trade my Lao Cr 1050 k clintz by your Vickie Cr 640 k clintz + Tanaereva Cr 330 k clintz + Emeth Cr 80 k clintz

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