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monday 06/04/2015

Yes Lamar as stated

sunday 05/04/2015

No need to brag. Im sure MU Cisco has more

Come on guys, share the love : P

Also wasn't it against the rules to make a trade post if you have auction using the UR system? smiley

What cards are in this?

closing this

read the posting guidelines and repost pls

Its a sell or trade forums, not a borrow or lending forums, thank you !smiley

edited by Levi_72 sunday 05/04/2015, 18:32

Vickie Cr 0xp + Alec Cr 0xp ?

Will u like to trade Tessa cr for cards worth her market price or little more like 50K more?

Starting Price: 350000 Clintz
My auction will end on 8/04/2015 - 2d 23h 41m = OK

I buy rahi sledon for 18k, just pn me

I buy (many) Rahi Sledon for 17k, pn me

Trade my 0xp Elya Cr for Full Elya Cr + compliment

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