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sunday 11/01/2015

I'm looking for 3x 10 pericles 0xp.

I'm purpose 3 offers for 10 pericles 0xp and 1 offer 1 zatman 0xp if a player take the 3 offers:

1st offer => 2 Tanaereva cr 0xp
2nd offer => Jackie Cr 0xp + 2 Caelus Cr 0xp + 40k
3rd offer => 3 Kalindra Cr 0xp + 85k

In private sales.

I want to change 110 of my Quinn 0Xp for 1 Dounia Cr (110 x 4,4k = 484k) I think that's a really good offer, but you can negociate if you want more for your Dounia.


I am looking for some La Bestia 0xp.

For this I have some lots, make your offer smiley
( if it's possible by private message because I am mostly on french forum smiley )

My estimation are for one unit, for my lots too !

La Bestia 0xp ↝ 22k

400 Aaron 0xp ↝ 6k9
270 Cyb Lhia 0xp ↝ 6k3
100 Irene 0xp ↝ 1k8
100 C Wing 0xp ↝ 8k
50 Lea 0xp ↝ 5k
50 Grace 0xp ↝ 8k
50 Sigma 0xp ↝ 8k
50 Jean 0xp ↝ 4k6
1 GraksmxxT 0xp ↝ 65k
Cash (uniquement pour complément) ↝ 1 clintz

Thank !

Good morning

I buy all copies of:
- Dounia cr 400k
- Dj Korps 80k

in my private sale smiley

I mean 23k sorry smiley

saturday 10/01/2015

Deal reached with zero

Hello guys, i want to get Dounia Cr
i would trade her for ambrose Cr
or for Dwain/Thaumaturge/Ombre + rest in cash
please pm me if you want to

Usable Crs or lots of RahiSledon(15K for each) accepted :3

100 aaron 0xp 6900/each
70 marjory 0xp 7800/each
50 jordygn 0xp 7500/each
3 kerozinn cr 0xp 800k/each
i need :
pericles 0xp 70k/each
la bestia 0xp 20500/each
zoe 0xp 15700/each
earl 0xp 15k/each

pm me smiley

Trading a Yoshida 0xp Not really looking for anything specific just aslong as its close to her value smiley Feel free to pm me with offers smiley

friday 09/01/2015

I'm willing to open trade for 20x Pericles 0xp or full [70k]

I offer:
2x Aaron 0xp [14k] (14k)
1x Thorpah 0xp [9,5k] (23,5k)
1x Vektor 0xp [6,8k] (30,3k)
1x Betelgeuse 0xp [6k] (36,3k)
1x Lucy full [4,8k] (41,1k)
2x Kephren [4,5k] (45,6k)
1x Rass 0xp [1,6k] (47,2k)
1x Miss ming [1,3k] (48,5k)
1x Zdrone [1,1k] (49,6k)
1x Yaman [1k] (50,6k)

20,000 clintzs (70,6k)
+ A little gift for trade 1x Niqiloda [1,3k] (71,9k)
Total - 71,900 clz

Via private sales!
If you're interested, just PM me.

0 Spycee

Looking for a lamar cr, any XP. i have some cr's up for trade also! Pm me if interested

Panslawak is master and I am not smiley Still waiting for any offers smiley

The crs will be to use, so 0xp or full don´t mean to much for me in this case, Kerozinn Cr 0xp may increase to 725k but not more

if interested let me know your offer

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