thursday 09/10/2014

Like i said actually i only have to trade

♥ Marlysa Cr 0exp 1.35m
♥ Lyse Teria Cr 0exp 7m

Dalhia cr is currently 130k and dounia cr 0xp is currently 311k thats a difference of 181k so no silly offers please, thanks, ( i would also accept kalindra full xp instead of clintz, she is currently 179k.

If you have clintz.. Look on the market?

wednesday 08/10/2014

Then it's TRADE and not BUY
and you should put the estimation of lamar cr and miss twice cr

2 miss twice 0xp + cash por splata

I am looking for one Seldnor Cr for clintz just inbox me!

I still have losthog cr jackie cr dorian zatman and some cards on my collection. offer im selling them cheap.

Hi, i want to trade:

Dounia cr full exp (260k) for caelus cr any exp (180k) + 80k cash

Dounia cr full exp (260k) for kalindra cr any exp (175k) + 85k cash

If you're interested, contact me by pm smiley

tuesday 07/10/2014

I think he tried to say " i am trading my splata cr for that cards "

Intrested in tameshi 0xp ? bulk off course smiley

Do you accept lots? smiley

Sorry but I'm not interested in lots.

Trade done Dr_Censored smiley

Hi! I propose to you my offert in cash for all lots:

400 Doug Snop ---> 1.000/u
400 Mahimatah ---> 1.800/u
400 Dr Norton ---> 450/u
300 Westwood ---> 325/u
300 Yodd ---> 1.700/u
150 Oxo ---> 1.550/u
I can buy all today, all in cash smiley

200 Tameshi ---> 2.200/u, Send me, i buy now.

monday 06/10/2014

Add lot:
37 methane 0 xp
8,5k t

Everything is negociable

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