saturday 27/09/2014

Hito everybody... Ladies and Gentlemen, come here!!!! i have for you, a very interesting lots. They are all normal cards 0 exp certified. Today your only difficult choise will be which lots i will buy! smiley Because i will value all kind of offer with cr playable and not playable, cash coffee and pocket money xD Then, come to look what i have to trade:

Lotto Mars : 200 Virginia 0EXP 17K/T
Lotto FUNKY : 100 Willy 0exp 16k/t
lotto MARMO : 50 Jay 0exp 18k/t

i accept:
CR playables and not playbles, i will make some example like Tanaereva Cr 310k, Caelus Cr 170k, Kalindra Cr 0exp 160k, etc etc

if you are interested send me a pm or write here your offer i will value her.

i will trade in private sale or with a mod


friday 26/09/2014

I give 225 000 clintz cash for him!

I still have 90 Beef 0exp smiley

Change my Cr Jackie, I am interested Pericles, Noctezuma, NGHAs and Tsubame ...
listen to offers

Seems reasonable to me gl on your sells!

Ive had offers just nothing i currently want

prices are negotiable of course
nothing is set in stone smiley

thursday 25/09/2014

Well i dont want to be a spoilsport but these threads are not allowed on the forums.. i request u to dont repeat these mistakes in d future

Edit: To go straight to the gallery, go to instead.

Hi, change mi lot of 30 D4 Funk 0xp 10k each for 65 Pr Hartnell 0xp 4600 each
Trade for vp

Oxen for 2k pls pls pls smiley

wednesday 24/09/2014

Lamar 0 xp for your lamar full and 10k complement

Hi eng forum smiley

I sell 1000 Ganx 0xp for 1.1k/each
TOT: 1M 100K.
Not separable

Accept only cash, thanks smiley

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