tuesday 11/11/2014

Send Mercury 0xp 5.700ctz and full 5.500ctz to my private sale

I have also some Crs to trade - PM me if interested

Hello i trade 15 jackie cr full + 2k/each for 0xp

One a time it's also OK!
In private sales thanks smiley

0xp? Ill offer 63k

Hi I want to trade
La bestia
Sera m1

Pm me if interested
Thanks mods

I buy dagg x-odus and dregn for 120000 all

Close the thread yourself

Hi every body

I Buy AL 0xp ( put in my private sells
10 Dr Copernica 31K
85 Grouchy 12K
75 Jautya 6K
120 Ruru 19K/T
And i sell ( all 0xp )

150 Petra 8K8/T
5 Graksmxxt 59K/T
75 Erika 2K7/T
100 Oflgn 9K8/T
13 Dagg 28K/T
2 Shaakarti 26K/T
50 Azgroth 5K/T
100 Bridge 6K/T
40 Kinichaw 14K5/T
80 Tabasco Fire 5K5/T
100 Irene 1K5/T
90 Lola 10K5/T
50 Crazy Carlo 19K5/T
70 Kamekun 2K1/T

monday 10/11/2014

Found a trade thanks everyone

Offering 180k

How about my marina (full xp) for your dr copernica and farman (both full xp)?

Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cr

◘ a award cr 0exp 310k
◘ 6 veenyle cr full 48k/each

i can accept:

cr like Tanaereva Cr 320k, Jackie Cr 230k etc etc

i trade in private sale

if you are interested contact me


Sigmund cr and skullface cr are sold

I have these cards up in public sales but I am accepting offers
Tsubame 67850
Kuei 10985
Fei 10350
Shifou 5455
Etc. Check out my profile

For elya sorry i offer 300k + 2 caelus 0xp

Interested in dwain cr?

I trade Ombre Cr full (350k) + 750 k for Lao Cr (1,1 M).

If you are interested contact me.

I Buy ur all Weifang Oxp

1400 each

pm me for lots smiley

Sorry bro but i got all the boomstock i needed smiley
and i bought 50 grace 0xp too....


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