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monday 04/01/2016

I have 1000x Derby Queen in mixed xp (about half 0xp and half full xp). I want to trade these Derby Queens + 150k clintz for your Vickie Cr (any xp). Negotiable, PM for faster response.

And no I'm not joking...

[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

sunday 03/01/2016

Just recently acquired the new leader, and can't seem to level her up. Kinda wondering if anyone would want to trade their full xp version for my 0xp. smiley

Bumping it

and no I dont want 100 rowdy cr...

[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card/s you want to buy.
Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

Lol darkblood asking someone to give him a reasonable offer xD oh i mean goodluck darkblood smiley


J'ai met encherches

LOT 1- Sum sam cr 0xp
PDD- sum sam cr full xp

LOT 2- General cr 0xp
PDD -General cr full xp

LOT 3- Berserkgirl cr 0xp
PDD-Berserkgirl cr full xp

LOT 4- Guru cr 0xp
PDD- Guru cr full xp

J'ai accept tout vos compliments en cartes 0xp ou full smiley

Fin le encherche 4/1/16 -18h30
Par vp
Merci smiley

I want buy some Argos. I would buy a lot, 50 cards or more, depends on the price.
I pay 1500 clintz for each card. Write a pm to me.

saturday 02/01/2016

Robb Cr and Copper Cr no longer needed

Increases from * -> ***
Dolly Cr
Z3r0 D34d

Decreases from ** -> *
Sasl Lovelace

friday 01/01/2016

I buy all Zodiack Rb for 100k send them to my private sales thanks.

Up, riots cards aren't needed, looking for raptor or skeelz lots. Or some expensive cards.

thursday 31/12/2015

Gl in real life smiley

This topic isn't correct.


This topic isn't correct.


Bought, close the topic, thank you

wednesday 30/12/2015

My Dj for Guru + 1m?

Unfortunately, this is not allowed.

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