tuesday 05/08/2014

Trade Kiki Cr for Dj Korr Cr or Guru Cr + cash.

I trade my Cassio Cr (0xp).

I'm interested in :

Robb Cr

Send me your offers via private messages.

Trading Copper Cr El Divino. Looking for Ongh Troompha Bridge Zornando Bragh Bridge Niva and Askai

Bonjour! J'aimerais echanger mon Mechakolos 0xp contre:
Smokey Cr (j'ajoute un complement d'environ 35k)
Ces offres seront negociables selon les prix au marche. MP pour negocier. Merci!

monday 04/08/2014

You narc!!! Just because you dont like that i need to survive in real life. You need to grow up and stop being a tattle tail.

Offer still stands, the Smokey or Uppers deal would be preferable. Willing to add a couple thousand clintz in, so make an offer

Pilkzen got
searching for spyke

Bonsoir j'echange 34 Noctezuma 0xp que je estime a 85k/ tete (Le lot = 2,890,000 clints)

Je recherche des Cr jouable:

Marlysa cr 1.475m
Vickie cr 650k
Kerozinn cr 705k
Lamar cr 788k
Splata cr 840k
Tessa cr 840k
Tanaereva cr 300k
Caelus cr 173k
Jackie cr 203k

Envoi des offres par mp

Merci smiley

sunday 03/08/2014

Good deal elite cr but no thanks

I offer 2, 0xp tanaereva cr +50k for a full vickie cr, if anyone interested pm me.
posting here won't count

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If you're referring to T2 as in for tourney then check that out. If for survivor I could say you could post there but to post in the survivor section of the message board.

Also, I'd say Nightmare, they have more damage. Piranas are good for tactics but I'd rather Nightmare.


I sell 115 houtay 0xp for 1k each one.


46 Kawamashi Cr 0xp 9200
34 Mefisto 0xp 12 600
35 Houtay 0xp 1000
16 Revok 0xp 900
10 Reeplay 0xp 830
pm me in pv for offer

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