thursday 04/12/2014

Beeboy Aurora sold, Susaan is a scammer btw.

J'ai les 13 bristone, mp moi l'ami smiley

Vickie cr (640k) + 90k clintz for kerozinn cr (720k)? Kerozinn has 4 offers less than 750k at the moment with the lowest being 716k.

So I'm looking for every card of the Uppers clan, I got to offer 1 Kalindra Cr and other Frozn.
Also have 300k to spend so I'm waiting for your offers.

wednesday 03/12/2014

* Lear Barduh * It's been awhile....


Earl 15k + 2 Gary full
Eyrton 4.5k
Lindsey 5.8k
Fuzz 5k
Christelle 8.7k + 3 gary full

Hey everyone,

So it is very simple my Lamar Cr Full Xp + a Compliment of 5k for Lamar Cr 0xp

PM me if you're interested!

Thank You!

My 0xp Kerozinn CR (890k) for your Lamar CR

pm me

Hello guys
i want to buy/trade some All STar Cards.

i want:
Lamar Cr 890k
Robb Cr 65k
Striker 49k
Marina 35k

i trade
Tanaereva Cr 328k
Kalindra Cr 198k
Ruru 22k
Rad 19k

please pm me if you want to trade/sell your All Stars
have a nice day
your Sujin

p.s. i got some Frozn and Vortex too if you want

I can offer you 800/each all cash for all 1180 mulligan

285k cash in vp smiley

Hey, I have a Veenyle Cr 0xp that I want to exchange for a full xp one with some sort of complement.

At the time of my writing this, full is valued at 44k while 0xp is valued at 84k. Obviously the price is very negotiable, but I will consider all offers so PM me or post here if you have an offer smiley

Last 3 CRs 0xp. Prices to negotiate!

tuesday 02/12/2014

Send you, just accept

I am offering some of the following cards for Smokey Cr (130k)
Vermyn N 42k
Shann 25k
Zoe 16k
Dawn 8k
Fuzz 5k
Taham 10k
Lola 9k
El Matador 14k
El Gascaro 5k
Kinicham 14,5k
Tekumman 10k
Grace 7k
Beeboy 30k

Message me with the cards u want for him!

I offer my Kerozinn CR 0xp

for x14 Jane Ramba CR.

im also interested in:
other small CR's

Nope - still looking for offers! I also sell some small Cards like
Garrik 3,6k
Ayah 9,4k
Stooge 3x 1,1k/e
Hriger 7,2k
Lumber Jack 7,5k
Donnie 4k
Ulrich 2,5k
Eddie 3,2k
Herman 6,3k

My Kerozinn CR 0xp for full Kerozinn CR+10k clintz

Offer me other offers you may also have

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