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saturday 04/04/2015

Im look for Lamar CR

My offer:
44 earl 0xp
50K clintz

PM me with other offer's!

Found Lamar, you can close this topic now. Thanks smiley

Anything at least 50 clintz more in value. I'm desperate.


I'm interested in purchasing dreadlash at any xp in huge quantities preferably 50 or more.

I value him at 2250 per (at this current time of post)
obviously price will fluctuate

i will be able to offer cash and cards

pm me if you're interested.
thank you,

Lamar's been sold, I have new sales up, gonna close this topic now, thank you all for your interests.

friday 03/04/2015

Selling 0xp Rekved's at 5k a piece. Looking mainly for clintz, may accept trades involving various 'staple' cards, or NB bulks.

Please PM me! smiley

Hit me up in privates

50ctz in my vp, if you don't want your fizzles smiley

3 dorian vs 2 shann?

I'm looking for Mandrak I have great cards for him please PM me

Still available.
Add at the Looking for list:

- Smokey Cr 115k (max 1)
- Graksmxxt 0xp 60k/e
- Numar 0xp 54k/e
- Mechakolos 0xp 52k/e
- Michael 0xp 40k/e
- Dr Copernica 0xp 33k/e
- Zatman 0xp 30k/e
- Spyke 0xp 29k/e
- Xingshu 0xp 28k/e
- Dj Korps 0xp 28k/e

Have all a nice day and fun in game smiley

Bro pearl is 9.4k and dustyn is 8.7k
while dolly cr is 8k -.0

I'm looking for:

and tino

Just pm me about it

thursday 02/04/2015

I am in need of Kalindra Cr

i can offer 100k clintz+ Cortez(70k)+ Kawamashi Cr(11k)+ La Bestia(19k). I can try and switch it up with other cards from the same clan as listed above. Pm me or comment here to work out a deal. thank you

thank you for your time

No one wants a 0xp dj korps?

After a disappearing buyer, the offer appears to stand smiley

Sold smiley

Hi smiley

I trade my 350 noland full xp
total 840k

the price is really good

I am looking to trade for cr or card (price min 50k) for example

cash (discount -2%)
Copper Cr 88k
jackie cr 224k
pericles 73k

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