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thursday 08/08/2013

Joined War Party!

Thanks for all the invitations smiley

wednesday 07/08/2013

Nothing funny about moobs being a problem in the future

Come join The MoB!!

monday 05/08/2013

No, you can not make a new thread every few days. Please use the existing one smiley

sunday 04/08/2013

saturday 03/08/2013

He just put the guild tag in Merl smiley

Added guild hyperlink. Good luck

Come join us as we strive to get no1 but first we need some people.

Shadow Clan

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friday 02/08/2013

New clan looking for new active members only, we look to have fun && win starting Any levels can join MUST be active && atleast have some good type of strategy or also take time to help get this good clan going to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a couple of ADMINS if your looking to join

Message me or here is some of my other contact information

Kik: Hco_tonee
Facebook: Avantae Jackson (My game account)

We also love to have conversations about how we could make this clan better if you have any input let me know, i'll listen but you have to become a member, we have meetings & tournaments & all the rest of that NOT like any other guild.

ACTIVE && FUN BUT YOU HAVE TO BE GOOD TO JOIN !!!!!!!! MESSAGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley

thursday 01/08/2013


We're a group of people who are serious about the game but also full of fun. If you stop by im sure you will never want to leave. Its a great group.

Guild:1958942 < Link to guild page smiley

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KranK guild is now recruiting members! Any dedicated UR member will be accepted! I just joined now smiley

wednesday 31/07/2013

Closing, this shouldn't be here.

Hey everybody, I have decided to make a clan and invite everybody and enybody to join. This clan is for everybody that loves a good challenge and is friendly and respectful. We dont have any level requirement and encourage anybody and everybody to join. smiley

Join Vengeful little ponies and you can NURSE us to victory

Sorry folks, to announce that UR admins outvoted my proposal for recruitment and I am closing recruitment for now, for all players except people who meet all our criteria and join as members. No visits either.
Mods, please close this thread.

You have been told numerous times how to post a recruitment thread, but you choose not to listen.
Please use the existing thread smiley

tuesday 30/07/2013

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
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[INTRO] + Title
Introduce yourself
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